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Coffee & Cigarettes: Around the NFC West

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I'm off the grid for a few days, so here are some links you can read in the meantime.

Jeff Fisher has secret plans for Tavon Austin - Turf Show Times
The Rams are being coy about how they plan to use Tavon Austin. How should Austin be used in this offense? What kind of numbers is he capable of producing as a rookie?

NFL Debrief: Way too early conclusions about the 2013 season -
The preseason is nearly halfway over, thankfully, and we've already got a pretty good handle on how the year's going to turn out, we think.

St. Louis Rams preseason 2013: Running concerns - Turf Show Times
The Rams haven't produced much on the ground through the first three weeks of the preseason. That's partly by design. Still, is there cause for concern?

Jonathan Cooper injury: Arizona Cardinals see their offensive line depth tested - Revenge of the Birds
Cooper's injury reveals the team;s line depth -- a bunch of castoff from other teams.

Every Cardinals blitz vs. Chargers, first half - Revenge of the Birds
Part four of our on-going saga of why the Cardinals are struggling to get after opposing quarterbacks, this time focusing on the different blitzes employed against San Diego's first team offense.

Arizona Cardinals pass rush vs. Dallas Cowboys: How bad was it, really? - Revenge of the Birds
In the defense's maligned performance against the Cowboys, did anyone manage to stand out in a good way? Revisiting defensive formations and pass-rush effectiveness from the game.

Arizona Cardinals pass rush versus Green Bay Packers: Who got it done - Revenge of the Birds
The defense has given up yards and the stats haven't shown up, but how effective have the Cardinals really been at getting to the passer?

Jerry Rice gives his insight on the 49ers wide receiver situation - Niners Nation
Jerry Rice says that someone needs to step up

Film Review: Jon Baldwin's 47 Targets from 2012 - Niners Nation
A user took some time to break down Jon Baldwin's work with the Kansas City Chiefs.

Why Kaepernick Will be Successful Without Crabtree: A Look into his Efficiency - Niners Nation
Hey guys what's up? I'm on a friendly visit from the Daily Norseman today. Ever since Michael Crabtree tore his achilles tendon during OTA's, there has been relentless speculation about how...