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Seahawks Practice Squad

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The names of 6 of Seattle's 8 rumored practice squad members.

Practice squad member Chris Harper
Practice squad member Chris Harper
Otto Greule Jr

In chronological order of when I heard about them:

1) OL-Ryan Seymour. Probably the most versatile of the rookie OL draftpicks, Seymour played C, OG, and OT for Vanderbilt, and this makes a ton of sense.

2) DT-Sealver Siliga. So the John Moffitt “cutting” isn’t just a cutting yet; although, we probably could have signed Siliga to the PS from Denver’s cuts.

3) DE-Ty Powell. Safe for now. I could see him replaced on the PS at some point when Bruce/Clem become active, and IF we can get Mayowa through.

4) WR-Chris Harper. I think the fact that he made it through waivers tells you something. But okay…he’s still here…let’s fix him.

5) OL-Jared Smith. So far Seattle has pretty much tried to lock up their cut 2013 draftpicks. I hadn’t expected them to keep two players from the OL, so this is a bit of a surprise. Perhaps it speaks to a level of discomfort with LJP on the 53 and belief that Fat Rabbit is learning the Center role fast enough.

6) TE-Cooper Helfet. This part of the TE situation is not a surprise. Still scratching my head about what they’re doing at TE on the 53.

We’re still waiting on the official word on these, along with the remaining two names, but I wanted to get these posted in the meantime.

Also, this was a tweet from two weeks ago guessing the PS:

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p>Early guesses on who the Hawks try to Practice Squad: WR Clark, LB Wilkins, TE Helfet, S/CB Shead, DT Brooks, RB Coleman, OL Seymour, Powell</p>&mdash; Jared Stanger (@JaredStanger) <a href="">August 16, 2013</a></blockquote>

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That was before they traded for Siliga, so I think 50% so far is pretty good.

Two more spots remain, I would expect both are probably on defense. Certainly need a DB and we could go with another DT or Wilkins at LB. Or we could find out about a waiver claim and/or trade.