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Seahawks host free agent TE Daniel Fells

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The Seahawks hosted free agent tight end Daniel Fells to the VMAC Monday, but no signing has yet been announced. Fells is the older brother of Darren Fells, the former basketball player that spent the offseason with the Seahawks before being cut as the team trimmed their roster to 53. The elder Fells has been in the NFL for seven years, including stints with the Falcons, Rams, Broncos, and most recently, the Patriots. He's is listed at 6'4, 265.

The visit comes on the heels of Seattle's surprising decision to keep two tight ends on their roster for Week 1, instead opting to use OT Mike Person in 6OL heavy sets as a de facto third tight end. Well, that experiment did not go so well, with Person playing two snaps on Sunday against the Panthers and being flagged on both of those snaps (one holding, one false start). /tugs collar

Now that teams can sign veterans without guaranteeing their salary for the year, I'd expect Fells or another free agent veteran to be signed as a third tight end. My guess is that Fells could be a good option because he's been known as a tough, savvy blocking tight end with soft hands. It was somewhat of a surprise that the Patriots released Fells during their cutdowns, particularly with the Gronk/Aaron Hernandez situation at that spot, but as a third, blocking type of tight end, I think Fells could be a nice short-term option. We'll see.