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Russell Wilson, Colin Kaepernick make bet that would be cool if they had any intention of following through

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The NFL sports media world was aflutter with news that one of their poster boys would be less poster-appealing. And then reality set in.

you can just fill it in with more eyeblack
you can just fill it in with more eyeblack
Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

On Wednesday I hid in Russell Wilson's car trunk and stalked him outside of his house again did a Google News search on Russell Wilson to see if there was anything to write about. It was easy to make a quick revelation that thus far Field Gulls has not covered the supposed "bet" between Wilson and Colin Kaepernick for Sunday night's Seattle showdown in Seatown.

The loser would have to shave an eyebrow.

I love a good bet and I especially appreciate the balls it takes to put something on the line that you don't want to let go of, like a ball, and so it seemed like a great idea for what could be a modern day Bird-Magic rivalry. Kaepernick and Wilson will play each other twice a year, they're roughly the same age, they appear set to become annual Pro Bowl selections and probably a multitude of playoff matchups and if we're lucky, Super Bowl wins.

I was stoked to see that the two players were willing to put a small piece of their image on the line. Until they weren't.

"It was more of just a friendly, joking around type deal. It’s not real serious. We’ll probably do something digitally. Something like that," Wilson said.

A) Stop being polite and start being real. Pretend like you're living in a house with seven strangers.

B) Why did it have to be Wilson to speak first? I don't think that Russell Wilson is backing down. He's speaking for both of them. If Kaepernick says "No, I'll really do it" then fine, but at this point he's just the guy that's going to tell everyone that neither one of them wants to harm their own image. Or bear the mark of a loss.

C) I can only hope that be "doing something digitally" he means that he means something like the classic Tales from the Crypt episode "Cutting Cards"

Until the only thing left of Kaepernick is his giant head.

This was never going to happen but there's still a chance to turn it around. Make the bet, make it real. Otherwise, what are we even playing for? A lead in the division, bragging rights, inside track on the Super Bowl, a win in front of a national audience, MVP honors, Pro Bowl honors, All-Pro honors, adoration of millions?

Doesn't mean shit if you're not willing to shave a few eyebrows.