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Russell Wilson advanced stats update, Week 1

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The Seattle Seahawks took a big risk this season when they opted to start an unknown, short, second-year player at quarterback. Not a lot is known about "Russell Wilson" (spelling?) but this experiment likely won't last very long. Wilson, who is not nearly as tall or as tatted as Colin Kaepernick, needs more tattoos.

It's only been one week, but here are some updates on what the stats say:

Russell Wilson, 24, 5'11, 204 lbs, looks like he has a very manly musk. Chuck Norris wears cologne made out of Russell Wilson's sweat.

Regular stats: 25-of-33, 75.8% completions, 320 yards, one touchdown, no interceptions, 9.7 yards per attempt, 115.7 QB rating, five carries for seven yards, one fumble

Place in the Russell Pantheon: It was the first time that Wilson had topped 300 yards passing in a regular season game. He had 385 yards against the Falcons in the playoffs.

Russell Pantheon is the name of my White Snake cover band.

His seven rushing yards is the fewest amount of rushing yards he's ever had in a game.

The 25 completions tied for a career-high.

It was the fourth-best completion percentage of his career, but his best completion percentage when going over 30 attempts.

Place among the NFL leaders: (It is a passing league, remember)

The 320 yards was only the 11th most of the week.

The only quarterbacks that didn't throw a touchdown pass last week were Blaine Gabbert and Jake Locker.

Some of you desperately wanted Locker!

Only eight quarterbacks avoided throwing an interception, including Wilson and Cam Newton.

Only four quarterbacks lost a fumble, including Wilson.

Wilson trails Peyton Manning by six touchdown passes.

His yards per attempt was the fifth-best mark of the week.

His QB rating was the fourth-best.

Eight players notched a 4th quarter comeback, including Wilson. But hell, Geno Smith has one of those too so whatever.

Russell Wilson advanced stats: Passing DYAR - 77, QBR - 70.9, DVOA - 27.4%, Catch Rate - 78.1% (From Football Outsiders)

Wilson ranked 9th in DYAR, 10th in QBR, 5th in DVOA, and second in catch rate.

He was tenth in rushing DYAR with a flat zero.

Around the NFC West:

Colin Kaepernick ranks first in DVOA, second in DYAR and third in QBR. He threw for 412 yards, three touchdowns, and no interceptions against the Packers.

Sam Bradford ranks sixth in DVOA, fourth in DYAR and 20th in QBR. He threw for 299 yards, two touchdowns, one interception, and one fumble in a win over the Cardinals.

Carson Palmer ranks 22nd in DVOA, 25th in DYAR and seventh in QBR. Palmer threw for 327 yards, two touchdowns, and one interception in the loss to St. Louis.


Andrew Luck and Andy Dalton rank 1-2 in QBR.

Palmer hasn't posted a QB rating over 90 since 2006, way before all your current favorite shows debuted.

Gabbert had 3.5 yards per attempt.

Peyton Manning had more than triple that.

Bradford and Jay Cutler were sacked zero times.

Locker had 20 attempts, Joe Flacco had 62 attempts.

Now the part you have not been waiting for:

Here is a video I did last night. I was on some medication and might have mixed that with alcohol, but I felt like I should get something up on the YouTube channel so f*** it! I haven't heard from SBN Studios in months!

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