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Richard Sherman named NFC defensive player of the week

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Also, Sherman has a new column up today on Monday Morning Quarterback on how he plans to prepare for the Jaguars passing offense.

Otto Greule Jr

Richard Sherman is a guy that people have been talking about a lot this week. Really, a lot over the last year or so. While Seahawks fans knew about Sherman a little bit before the rest of the league, it really didn't take long for everyone to catch on to the fact that he existed... he made sure of that. What people had a harder time believing was that everything come out of Sherm's mouth about being great was true.

The reason that a lot of people are talking about Sherman this week is because for many of them they know what we already did: Richard Sherman is the asshole that talks big and then backs it up. As such, he was named the NFC Defensive Player of the Week for his performance against the 49ers on Sunday Night Football.

Sherman helped contain Colin Kaepernick to the worst performance of his career while number one receiver Anquan Boldin was held to one catch for seven yards. He also had a highlight interception that really drove home the point that Sherman used to be a receiver and uses those skills to his advantage when making plays on defense. Sherman had eight interceptions and 24 pass deflections last year and was named an All-Pro.

Sherman has a column at Monday Morning Quarterback. Here's what he wrote today about avoiding a letdown against Jacksonville:

The real trick to avoid hangovers after big wins in football is the same mentality that applies to golf, my new hobby, and track and field, my old love. In the minds of the men in our locker room on the day of the loudest sporting event in NFL history, we didn’t play the 49ers, or Jim Harbaugh, or Colin Kaepernick, or Anquan Boldin. We were playing the Seattle Seahawks. When you play at a high level, a game has nothing to do with the opponent; it has everything to do with us. That’s what makes us different, and that’s what makes playing in the NFL special.

In addition to being the asshole that's brash but backs up everything he says, in addition to being the NFC Defensive Player of the Week and probably headed to his first Pro Bowl, Sherman also happens to be really smart.

Damn it, Sherm.