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49ers sign Chris Harper away from Seahawks practice squad

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

In a developing story that seems to have come to at least a temporary conclusion, the San Francisco 49ers have signed wide receiver Chris Harper off of the Seahawks practice squad and onto their 53-man roster.

Seattle was hopeful that they could stash the fourth round pick on their practice squad, and it appeared that they were going to be successful in doing that until this morning. They are also probably doubley-pissed by the fact that he goes to San Francisco, who if you aren't familiar with, are our hated enemy.

There are a number of reasons that the 49ers would want to sign Harper (their WR corps are abysmal, he was just recently a fourth round pick, they want Seattle's tasty secrets) but I wouldn't say that the ability to perform at the professional right now is one of them:

I have no interest presently in wish Harper the best of luck, but sure if he goes to a different team that would be just fine and dandy. The Harper reunion is only a couple of weeks away and it appears that he'll get to stand on the sidelines of CenturyLink after all.

Or maybe this is only going to last for a week.

How fascinating would it have been if the 49ers and Seahawks had swapped A.J. Jenkins for Harper two weeks ago?