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Jacson's Farewell Winners

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After two years, Jacson gives his last NFL picks.

Dueces, bro
Dueces, bro
Steve Dykes

Guys, I hate to be so abrupt with this. It's been a lot of fun picking games for Field Gulls over the last two years and I hope this column has helped you win a few office/family/frat-house/Audubon-Society pools along the way. Unfortunately, recent and sudden changes to my work schedule and, to a lesser degree, my lifestyle make it too difficult to give this article the attention and energy that doing it right requires. Overall, the Winners column finished eight wins better than the Vegas lines and I'm pretty pleased with that.

I'm not gonna stop writing for the site or anything, I just can't make the commitment to this column that I like to think it deserves. So please accept these picks with my apologies and thanks. And if you're still interested in my picks after this week, feel free to hit me up on Twitter and I'd be happy to share. Thanks guys!


49ers over Rams

Ravens over Bills

Bears over Lions

Bengals over Browns

Colts over Jaguars

Chiefs over Giants

Steelers over Vikings

Buccaneers over Cardinals

Seahawks over Texans

Titans over Jets

Cowboys over Chargers

Broncos over Eagles

Redskins over Raiders

Falcons over Patriots

Saints over Dolphins