Field Gulls on Twitter: Follow your favorite writers

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

One of the best ways to stay connected to the Field Gulls community is to follow the writers and contributors on Twitter. Many of the ideas for the articles you see here are birthed on Twitter and following the FG staff lets you see and interact with them during Seahawks games and throughout the week.

Have questions about the 'Hawks, an article, or the consistency of your bowel movements? Hit us up! Not sure what the LEO is? We'll tell ya! Need to know how long it takes before meatloaf stops being fit for human consumption? Google it! Then tell us!

If you're so inclined, you can follow me (@JacsonBevens) but the entire crew is worth your time. The list:

Danny Kelly - @FieldGulls

Kenneth Arthur - @KennethArthurS

Davis Hsu - @DavisHsuSeattle

Thomas Beekers - @ThomasBeekers

Craig Johnstone - @MCraigJohnstone

Jared Stanger - @JaredStanger

Jon Benne - @LordBenne

Joel Bergsma - @ScruffyLefty

Rob Staton - @RobStaton

Scott Enyeart - @ScottEnyeart

Joey Rebbe - @JoeyRebbe

Mike Chan - @karatemanchan37

Luke Wehrheim - @MyHawkSoFly

Joshua Kasparek - @DarthKripple

Chad Davis - @Chad_Davis45

Matt Erickson - @SeattleDoorMatt

Aaron DiSilvestro - @TheSilvestro

David Crockett - @DCrockett17

Rob Davies - @RobDaviesNFL

Jacob Stevens - @JacobStevens

Derek Stephens - @DStephensScout

Daniel Hill - @D_Hill80

Aaron Sims - @adotsims

Hit this FanPost with a "Rec" to keep it up on the sidebar as a future reference for the community and if you're already on Twitter, leave us your handle in the comments section. Looking forward to keeping the Seahawks conversation going with you!