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Field Gulls Super Bowl t-shirts

Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

Did you know SB Nation & Field Gulls have a custom t-shirt store and that we can get our own designs made? Right now, we have no custom designs at our page - you can get a blue or white shirt with the Field Gulls' logo - but I am reaching out to you now for some ideas on Super Bowl XLVIII Week shirts. You lot are creative, let's get some brainstorming going in the comments section and rec the crap out of the ones you like the most.

A few rules on ideas: We can't accept shirt ideas with trademark or copyright infringement (in other words, no non-SBN logos or photos/images that don't belong to you) or any violation of publicity rights (generally no names, pictures, or likenesses of famous people). That said, there are a ton of slogans and sayings we could probably use!

Here's what our current shirts look like. It'd be awesome to get a few more designs up at the site for this week and for the offseason. The Broncos' page has a few designs that you can check out here.