Ask a Broncos Friend Part II

Well, Seahawks fans, thanks for being my friends, it means a lot. I'm sincerely sorry that some Seahawks fans are taking some on the chin at Mile High Report when you have differing views.

I noticed that my first thread became buried and I'm trying to rectify this right now, so thanks to those who inspired me to create another post.

I hope that we can respect this matchup for what it is, a game between the two best teams in the NFL, so I will do my best to be a propitious orange and blue emissary again.

The fact that I have to create another post is telling because so many Seahawks fans have created posts in the past 7 days, it just confirms how great the passion is among the 12th man.

As for fellow Broncos fans who visit, let's try to keep a sense of decorum, those who have helped have been so spectacular, I look up to all of you and want to be as good as you are one day, let's have a nice week of preparation on both sides :)