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Super Bowl XLVIII: Max Unger media session transcript, 1/26/14

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

(on why shoulder pads have gotten smaller through the years) "Yeah, it's generally a line between safety and comfort. Obviously, you want something you can move in and players, I guess are willing to sacrifice their body for performance on the field."

(on whether it's harder for their opponent to grab them because the shoulder pads are smaller) "Yeah, smaller targets I guess. They tape those things on there pretty good. The less fabric, obviously, the better, and the tighter the shoulder pads the better. I mean I've worn the same shoulder pads since college, so it really hasn't affected me too much."

(on whether it is more difficult protecting QB Russell Wilson because of his mobility) "Yeah, that's kind of just part of the deal with a quarterback that makes a lot of plays with his legs and it's something that we just kind of factor into our style of play. You have to deal with it because there's a lot of good stuff that happens outside the pocket."

(on blocking for RB Marshawn Lynch) "Yeah, Marshawn, he's a man. It's pretty cool to be able to block for a back that creates yards like that. When he does that and he's throwing piles, and he's carrying people before he goes down, it just makes you want to do your job that much better."

(on what the send-off was like from the fans in Seattle on the way to the airport) "It was probably one of the coolest sports moments that I've been apart of. I don't know if you call it a sports moment or whatever, but it was probably about 20,000 people out there lining the road going to the airport. We have extremely passionate fans, the best ones in the NFL and it's just pretty cool to be a part of."

(on being able to soak everything in yet still get ready for the Super Bowl) "I mean, that's the name of the game right there. It's a football game first and foremost and that's how this trip has to be treated."

(on QB Russell Wilson's intelligence) "Playing the quarterback position is obviously extremely demanding. You have to know everything from protections to routes to defensive recognitions and intelligence is obviously a huge part of that. Russell's a pretty incredible player. He's getting it done and he's maturing. He's grown a lot since his rookie year last and he's gotten us to this point."

(on how much responsibility Wilson has of changing calls at the line of scrimmage) "It's actually probably about 50-50. He does a lot. I do most of the offensive line and then he overrides a lot of calls, too, so we kind of try tag teaming."

(on the talk of what was wrong with the Seattle offense the last four games of the regular season and how the offense has changed since then) "We were up against a string of very good defenses and they were tough games. I mean, there was no question about that. I think we kind of got back to what we were doing and we figured it out a little bit and figured it out from there."

(on Denver's defense) "Very good defense. They've dealt with injuries, so have we. They've changed a little bit, throughout the season, obviously from Week 3 of the preseason or whenever we played them. So, good front seven, good secondary, obviously."

(on Denver's ability to get after quarterback even without LB Von Miller) "It's a good pass rush, man. It's pretty simple: they've got four guys that rush the quarterback effectively and it's our job to protect Russ."

(on Denver DT Terrance Knighton) "Very, very effective. Very disruptive. I've played him a couple times throughout his career. I think in Jacksonville, a couple times in Denver. Big dude, light on his feet, moves around, stops the run, very effective."

(on a length he is going for with his beard) "Yeah, we're trying to go less than ZZ Top. Just by a little bit though, I don't want to upstage them."

(on whether there is a plan for him to shave his beard if they win the Super Bowl) "No, it's coming off after the game. Good question though, man. I really appreciate the thought."

(on how much experience he has playing in cold, wintery weather) "Yeah, no snow games so far, but weather's a part of it. I mean the Super Bowl is in New York. I think everyone kind of knew what they we're getting into when we found out we're playing here, so it's just a matter of dealing with it and preparing accordingly."

(on whether the weather favors the Seahawks because of their style of play) "I don't know, man. A lot of elements, a lot of things go into that, but both teams are going to have to play in it, so it doesn't really matter."

(on the team's biggest challenges in the cold) "In the cold, really any inclimate weather I guess is just explosive plays. If it's windy, if it's raining, it's snowing, you've got to put the ball in the air eventually and that really is the hardest part."

(on whether he has used any creams or lotions for warmth in cold weather) "I have not. I heard a lot of guys do some of that, but I never have."

(on whether he recalls his coldest game) "Yeah, we played up in Green Bay, I think in 2009, a late December game I think. It was in probably the teens, so I'm not sure what the weather forecast is, but I can do something like that."

(on whether he plans to play without sleeves) "Yeah, just more so for consistency. I've never worn sleeves in a game before, so I wouldn't want to change doing it now for whatever reason. I'm not superstitious or anything, but you kind of practice all these reps for years and years playing football a certain way and you don't want to change that."

(on whether this weather is a shock for him because he grew up in Hawaii) "No, man. I've been living in the mainland for, going on 10 years now, so it's not that big of a deal. I played college football at the University of Oregon, so we had lots of crazy weather games."

(on Seattle T Breno Giacomini) "Breno's the man. Core guy, awesome off the fly, man. One of my best friends. Brings a lot to the table. Tough dude. Gets out there and plays his brand of football and does it well."

(on the excitement of playing in the Super Bowl) "This is the biggest show right here and I said earlier, we've got to treat this like a football game because, first and foremost, that's what it is, and we have to leave it at that."

(on his first impressions of being in New York/New Jersey) "It's awesome. Again, I keep coming back to trying to keep it as normal as possible. Obviously a lot more attention. (We're the) last two teams playing and so it's about us a managing that and just being able to deal with them."

(on Seahawks Head Coach Pete Carroll comparing the Super Bowl to a college bowl game) "I understand where that comparison comes from. It's just a lot more attention and a little bit different. Both teams are moved. It's not a home or away game for either team and so that's a good comparison. I do agree with that, just in a sense that it's on neutral territory and we both have got to kind of show up and do a week that we're not necessarily used to."

(on whether Seattle's QB Russell Wilson gets frustrated in the huddle) "No, not that I've seen two years playing with him to be honest with you. So, it's pretty cool. He's as advertised. I mean, the guy that you talk to is pretty much the guy that we get in the huddle."

(on whether the team has tried to shake Wilson in the locker room) "Oh, sure yeah. The locker room's different, but in the huddle he's pretty even keeled.

(on Wilson and not being a prototypical quarterback to have this type of success) "It's tough man. There's a lot of different body types, a lot of different styles, a lot of different paths to be able to play in this league. He's carving his own and tough to make comparisons out there, but I think he's doing a heck of a job and he's doing everything that we're asking of him."