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Super Bowl XLVIII: Percy Harvin ready to go

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

"We're in phase Super Bowl right now," said Pete Carroll, when asked about the status of Percy Harvin. Carroll has previously listed off recovery phases for Harvin's hip surgery (wait-and-see, day-to-day, week-to-week), so this quip is welcome news. "He's in. He had another great day today and a great week last week. He's part of the game plan."

Harvin was cleared to play in this Sunday's Super Bowl on Friday after suffering a concussion against the Saints two weeks ago, but of course, the hip issues that kept him out during the season are always on the back of Seahawk fans' minds. That hip appears to be in good shape, and based on what Carroll's said about his role in the gameplan, it's looking like Harvin will be good to go in all phases, offense and special teams.

The Broncos have noticed:

"That's a dangerous man right there," Denver defensive back Champ Bailey said Friday. "He can change the game if you allow him to. I remember playing him when he was in Minnesota, and he's one of the most explosive guys coming off the ball. I don't know how they are going to use him. We don't have a lot of tape on him, if any, but they are going to use him. You don't have a weapon like that and not use it."

This is potentially a huge deal for the Seahawks, who could certainly use a force multiplier in the passing game. Not to be overlooked, either, is his role in helping the Seahawks' run game.


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