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Sifting Diagonally Through The Noise

An acrostic look at Super Bowl 48.

Wait, what?
Wait, what?
Jeff Zelevansky

(*Author's Note: It occurs to me that the acrostic formatting may be thrown off on some mobile browsers)

Snow may be in the forecast for sunday
bUt i'm not worried about that.
suPerior talent/execution will decide who wins
morE than the weather will.
neveR let the peripheral stuff distract you from the fact that this game
won't Be decided by anything other than
those On the field.
russell Wilson's arm and legs will matter more
than his cLiches and sign off do.

Championships aren't won on media day, and nothing anyone says will
cHange that. peyton
mAnning knows his legacy and
coMparisons to other quarterbacks won't matter when cliff avril brings
the Pressure and demaryius thomas is
comIng off of a screen set by
the slOt receiver. All
of that Noise will fade after kickoff, replaced by the furious frenzy of football.

Sensationalism may
sEll a lot of ad
spAce but whether or not you think richard sherman
is a Thug won't mean shit when he and eric decker are
compeTing for a jump ball in the back of the endzone. lazy, click-baiting
articles Lose all meaning when it's

So who cares how much marshawn lynch said to media as long as on sunday
hE's about that action, boss?
whAt good is public perception when the two best football teams in the world
clasH for american sports' most cherished trophy? ultimately,
the leAgue's best defense will smash headlong into its best offense and the
squad Walking out with the title will be the one whose knocks are louder than
their talKs. fortunately for the team whose
city glowS emerald, the squad that talks the loudest, knocks. even. louder.