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Super Bowl Google Hangout on Wednesday night with Mile High Report

We're baaack.

3 big guys hanging out
3 big guys hanging out
Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

It's been quite awhile since the Field Gulls YouTube channel has been active and awhile since we've had a Hangout. It would honestly take something pretty important right now for me to fire it back up again. But seriously when's the last time the Seahawks have done anything important?

Going to a Super Bowl? Psh. Call me when you've won 10 Super Bowls, mkay?

Fine, we'll do it anyway. Screw it, we're going live! Well, not right now but tonight at 630 PST right here on Field Gulls and I guess also Google Plus (haha, Google+) and YouTube. However, you'll probably want to come here to watch it and get your questions and comments in.

Jacson Bevens and I will be the co-hosts and our guest tonight will be Kyle Montgomery from Mile High Report. He's in New Jersey covering the Super Bowl events and we hate him for that. I hate him for that much more than I hate him for being a Broncos fan... which is nil. I don't mind that he's a Denver Broncos fan, it just so happens that fate has made us the two best teams in our respective conferences at the same time.

So come back here tonight around 630 to watch us talk about the Seahawks, Broncos, the Super Bowl, Peyton Manning, Russell Wilson, Richard Sherman, Champ Bailey, John Etc. Jim Etc. and Kris Etc.

See you then!