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Super Bowl 48: Seahawks vs. Broncos media roundup

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Bruce Irvin 1-30-14
Bruce Irvin talks to Mitch in New York

Larry Fitzgerald 1-30-14
Larrry fitzgerald talks to Mitch in New York

Pete Carroll 1-29-14
Pete Carroll talks to Mitch about the 2014 Super Bowl

Bobby Wagner 1-29
Seahawks LB Bobby Wagner joins the show from the locker room after practice, Ian and Puck try to get a feel for what Wagner is going through leading up to the Super Bowl.

Kris Richard 1-29
The Seahawks' secondary Coach, Kris Richard, checks in with Softy. Softy asks some questions about the team's preparation for the next couple days.

Jermaine Kearse 1-29
Jermaine Kearse gives Softy a call after the team's first day of intense practice since being out east. We get an insight into the day and Kearse's plans for the next couple days and on game day itself.

Doug Baldwin 1-27
Doug Baldwin joins the show from New York talking Super Bowl with Ian and Puck.

Richard Sherman #SB48 Wednesday Press Conference
Richard Sherman talks with the media as the team prepares to head to the Giants practice facility for competition Wednesday.

Pete Carroll #SB48 Wednesday Press Conference
Pete Carroll talks with the media as the team prepares to head to Competition Wednesday at the Giants practice facility.

Russell Wilson #SB48 Wednesday Press Conference
Russell Wilson talks with the media at the team hotel before the team heads to their Wednesday practice at the Giants facility.

Marshawn Lynch: "I'm just taking it all in"
Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch talks with the media prior to the team's "Competition Wednesday" practice, until fullback Michael Robinson joins in and lightens things up.

Pete Carroll Show - Podcasts -
Pete Carroll talks with "Brock and Danny" about the frenzy of Super Bowl week and what he expects to do defensively against Broncos QB Peyton Manning. He also talks about the team's emotional sendoff from Seattle to New York, and the injury status of the roster.

Bob and Groz Show - Podcasts -
Seattle Seahawks offensive lineman J.R. Sweezy talks about how to stop Broncos nose tackle Terrance "Pot Roast" Knighton on "Seahawks Super Bowl Special."

Wyman, Mike and Moore - Podcasts -
Seahawks linebacker Malcolm Smith tells "Wyman, Mike and Moore" that Broncos tight end Julius Thomas has incredible body control and excels at winning jump balls. Smith adds that Seahawks linebacker K.J. Wright will start in the Super Bowl and reflects on his media day experience.

Wyman, Mike and Moore - Podcasts -
The Seahawks offensive tackle shares the most ridiculous question he was asked during Super Bowl Media Day, and how when he taps in at practice, you leave the circus behind.

Brock and Danny - Podcasts -
Seahawks linebacker Bruce Irvin tells "Brock and Danny" what the Seattle 'D' is preparing for against Denver in the Super Bowl.

Brock and Danny - Podcasts -
Richard Sherman joins Brock and Danny to talk about the Super Bowl. Danny promises Sherman he'll always back him up, even if he's a weak white man.