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The Offense In A Snap: Jermaine Kearse's touchdown catch vs. Washington (Pilot)

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Rob Carr

About six months ago I started getting louder and louder calls to do an offensive version of TWID but because of the time it takes, and the fact that my typing is about 18 words a minute, adding in the time to break down the games defensively, I just didn't have time.

This is an attempt to take you through the mechanics of an offensive play using two streams. One, my audio track posted on YouTube, and two, an audio-less clip of the play in question. Depending on how this is received I'd like to try and do 4-5 plays per game going forward each clip being linked and then time stamped with my audio commentary so you guys can follow the play.

A few quick notes:

These will be shorter in the future, about 4-5 minutes per play, but I wanted to discuss a bit of how analysis works for me as people have asked about that a lot. Future clips should be just the straight plays and mechanics. I am also looking into using All-22 coaches tape on these so we can see an entire play develop in real time. I don't know what time these will be done but I am hoping Wed/Thurs.

I suggest watching the play full screen so you can see everything with my commentary in the background. If you're ready, click the youtube audio to start. I'll cue you to play the clip after some "setting up."

Kearse Td-720p from Joshua Kasparek on Vimeo.