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Fantasy Football 2014: Russell Wilson, Marshawn Lynch subpar in loss to Dallas

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The Seahawks Seahawks looked and played exactly like you'd expect a team coming off a 5-day rest would: not very good. Dallas showed up at Century ink field Sunday afternoon prepared for war, and only one team looked the part (hint: it wasn't the Seahawks). What you are about to read is an unofficial week 6 fantasy football obituary for the Seattle Seahawks.

A moment of silence.


Russell Wilson - What a brutal affair this one was. Russell was 8-11 for 71 yards before Seattle's defense recovered a muffed punt-return, setting up Russell's first major points of the game as he kept it from 12 yards out for a rushing TD.

Russell totaled a pedestrian 128 yards passing on the day, and at times looked borderline careless with his decision making. Wilson was nearly picked off twice vs Dallas, then on Seattle's final drive, coughed it up to Rolando McClain on a pass down the seam. Call it a lack of rest, or call it an excellent day by the Dallas secondary, either way you're in the right to stake your claim.

This was without a doubt the worst outing by Russell this season, but it doesn't affect his value to me going forward. Russell is averaging 24.3 points per game on the year, and he will be a mid range QB1 vs the Rams next weekend.

(12 Rush Yards, 1 Rush TD, 126 Pass Yards - Total Points = 11.24)


Marshawn Lynch - The run game just seemed as if it was never really established vs Dallas, and that spoke volumes to the outcome in the box scores. Asking an offensive line and power running back to wash, rinse, repeat, on a short rest is a tall order but they did. Lynch's 6.1 YPC average on the day was boosted by a single run for 32 yards. Lynch found very little room to run vs the Dallas defense as he ended the day with just 10 carries for 61 yards.

Things did however regress back to the days of old in the pass game as Lynch saw just 2 targets, which he converted into 1 catch for a single yard. There are certainly better days ahead for "Beast Mode" in the future. He will be again a high-end RB1 vs the Rams defense next week.

(61 Rush Yards, 1 Catch, 1 Rec Yard = Standard 6.2 Points/PPR 7.2 Points)

Robert Turbin -  He had 2 carries for 10 yards and that was all there is to say. If Lynch only saw 10 carries on the day then you can imagine how little Robert did. Not to sound like a broken record but without Micheal available to work out of the backfield, Turbin's only shot at fantasy relevance would come from a major injury.

(10 Rush Yards = Standard/PPR 1 Point)


Jermaine Kearse - His biggest catch of the game was a 53 yard reception early in the first quarter, from then on he would only reel in another 2 balls for an additional 9 yards. What was the most eye catching stat of the day for Kearse, however, was the 7 targets he finished the game with. A team high in targets and total receiving yards, Jermaine did his best to stay fantasy relevant today, sadly.... it was not enough. He is too on the Doug Baldwin diet, for now he is a dicey WR4 option, but I do like him to score more than Baldwin on a week to week basis.

(3 Catches, 62 Rec Yards = Standard 6.2/PPR = 9.2 Points)

Percy Harvin -  If your league offers kick return points then you probably love Percy Harvin as today he racked up a total 142 yards on 5 kick returns. Unfortunately, playing Percy Harvin is starting to feel like being a Cordarrelle Patterson owner, because his under-usage feels almost criminal. The guy is absolute dynamite when he touches the ball, which is why a majority of us are completely perplexed by his lack of touches. Sunday afternoon vs Dallas, Percy saw 3 carries and 4 passing targets, which just isn't enough for a player of his special talents. Anyway, I'll get off my soap box for a minute and finish his write up.

Percy rushed 3 times out of the backfield for -1 yard, and caught 3 passes for 0 receiving yards on 4 targets. This without looking back through his game logs has got to be the worst fantasy outing he's ever had while playing an entire game. Until further evidence of proper usage Percy Harvin will be downgraded to a very boom-or-bust WR3... like I said, it feels like being a Cordarrelle Patterson owner, doesnt it?

(3 Catches, -1 Rush Yard = Standard -1/PPR 6.55 Points - [Kick Return = 3.55 Points])

Doug Baldwin - Posting 2 catches for 32 yards on 3 targets is an extremely depressing outing by most standards, but those of you starting Baldwin were either very desperate at WR or in 16 team leagues and I'm almost positive those 2 scenarios had to be in PPR format. In one of the league's most marginal pass-attempt offenses I just don't see a consistency to Doug Baldwins game. For now he's a shaky weekly WR4/5.

(2 Catches, 32 Rec Yards = Standard 3.2 Points/PPR = 5.2 Points)

Ricardo Lockette - 1 catch for 8 yards. On this day & most others after it he will be fantasy irrelevant. Unless you had the worlds worst draft, I'm almost certain you have better options than Ricardo at WR from week to week.

(1 Catch, 8 Yards = Standard .8/PPR = 1.8 Points)

Cooper Helfet - Theres nothing relevant to say here, 1 target, 1 catch, 7 yards receiving and if you starter Cooper in a league e-mail me so I can send you a free t-shirt that says, "I play in a 75 team league and love it". He's off the fantasy radar.

(1 Catch, 7 Rec Yards = Standard .7/PPR 1.7 Points)

Bryan Walters - If Percy Harvin isn't fantasy relevant then Walters DEFINITELY isn't. Despite seeing 3 targets that should have probably gone to Baldwin or Harvin instead I don't see this as a trend of anything positive. He's a real life role player and a fantasy option that shouldn't be on anyones roster.

(1 Catch,  5 Rec Yards = Standard .5/PPR 1.5 Points)


Luke Willson - The most notable stat in Luke Willson's line has to be the 6 targets he saw Sunday, which were good for 2nd most on the team. However, he finished the day with just 2 catches for 11 yards and a doughnut in the touchdown category. I'm partially convinced that on a normal week Luke and this team may have been more effective all around but Sunday, it was just not a good fit. As long as Zach Miller is inactive you can give Luke a minor boost, but he's just barely inside my top 25 TE's.

(2 Catches, 11 Yards = Standard 1.1/PPR = 3.1)


Seattle Seahawks - At home, this is a defense you don't want to face. On the Cowboys' first punt attempt, a crashing Doug Baldwin of all people flew in from the outside to block the attempt and help facilitate the balls return by Mike Morgan 25 yards for a defensive touchdown. It wouldn't really be until later in the 3rd quarter when Seattle would recover a Dallas muffed punt on the 12 yard line, which was converted into a Russell Wilson rushing touchdown.

That wasn't the end of the show for the Seahawks defense either, as a miscued snap to Tony Romo would flop freely onto the ground and be recovered by the Seattle defense yet again. Other notables would be a Bruce Irvin sack, and Percy Harvin's 142 kick-return yards. Seattle gave up 30 points to Dallas which cost the DST some overall value, but, all things considered Dallas one of the best offenses in football came in on a short week and took advantage of a fatigued and otherwise surprised Seattle defense.

(2 Fum Rec, 1 TD, 1 Blocked Kick, 1 Sack, 30 Points Allowed, 142 Return Yards = Standard/PPR = 15.55 Points)


Steven Hauschka - As accurate as they get, and tonight due to the Seahawks' inability to finish off some of these drives, he got some good looks from FG range. He finished the night going 3/3 on FG and 2/2 on extra point attempts. He's one of the most efficient in the game and from week to week is definitely a TOP 10 option.

(3 FG's, 2 XP's = 11 Total Points)


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