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Report: Russell Okung playing through torn labrum

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Seahawks LT Russell Okung has a torn labrum in his shoulder, per a report by Q13's Aaron Levine. The injury was sustained Week 3 against the Broncos, and Okung left that game briefly before returning. "There's no official word on the extent of the tear, although it is believed to be significant," reports Levine.

This doesn't help matters for Okung, who's also been battling to get back to full speed after sitting out the offseason with foot surgery. The Seahawks embattled left tackle has racked up a good amount of false start and holding penalties this season, which is a product, likely, of Okung trying to compensate for his numerous injuries.

The big question going forward will be whether or not Okung can continue to play through the injury. It's the type of injury that often doesn't require surgery immediately and there have been players that play through it, but I imagine the pain and lack of range of motion is different for each person.

The Hawks are already hurting on the offensive line so losing Okung for a length of time could be a big issue. We'll have to see how this shakes out.