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Seahawks coach Pete Carroll's Monday afternoon press conference comments

Michael B. Thomas

Here's what Pete Carroll said in his Monday afternoon press conference with reporters.

Pete Carroll Week 8 Monday Press Conference

(Opening) After a real disappointing trip, come back to watch the film and try to get to the essence of how the game went and what happened and all. It was a really poor start for us and got behind by enough where we didn't make it back all the way. After we got past about play 20 on both sides of the ball, we were fine and played good football and saw some things that were really encouraging.

To see the offense come to life in a number of ways - the ability to use the whole system of the running game and pass protection really picking up once we got rolling and Russell [Wilson] able to use all the receivers and mix the ball around. The receiving group played really well. There were a lot of real positive things.

I loved the third down movement that we made on offense and all that stuff so I'm very disappointed in the way we started and the impact of the kicking game in this game and it reminds you of the hard lessons of how the kicking game is such a vital part and they did a fantastic job and you have to give them a ton of credit in that regard. It's a very frustrating weekend in that sense but we see a lot of positives and we're thrilled that guys that stepped up did a really nice job.

We found out as we were leaving the locker room that Derrick [Coleman] had cracked a bone in his foot. We got the final word just as we were going out and Robert Turbin had to step up and play fullback and did a beautiful job of helping out. Cooper Helfet did a real nice job of coming in when he hasn't had a chance to start a football game so we got some good work from those guys and that will help us down the road.

There are areas of our ball, we just have to get cleaner and sharper. Particularly on the defensive side, the inability to really disrupt the quarterback has been a factor so there are some things that we have to do that will change us a little bit from what we've been in the past so we will make those moves. But it's pretty clear where our focus is so were going to have to see if we can get right and play some good football and get going. We have a big trip coming up to Carolina and we have to get our game in order so that we can have a chance to win there.

(On what he means when he says do some different things) You're going to have to wait and see.

(On what the breakdowns were on the three big special teams plays) Yeah, we really got fooled on the return. It's a very disciplined situation for us and Jon [Ryan] always kicks the ball in the corner and does a great job of doing that. He's been doing that for years for us and we followed their returner instead of chasing the ball like were supposed to so we gave them a free play and they did a great job of setting it up and it worked real well and it couldn't have been more perfect for them.

We got beat on the fake punt. A very crucial call, backed up by their own 20, it's a win or lose call right there and you've got to give it to them. It worked out for them. We didn't cover the guy well enough in the flat and they made a first down. It's a heck of a play by them. On the other one too, on the kick return, we relaxed thinking the guy was going to take a knee on the ball in the end zone and then he came running out with it and split us for a huge return, put the ball on the thirty. They had three enormous plays that changed the course of the game and to their credit, it was a great win.

(On the pass rush this season vs. last season and what are some of the major differences) It's the combination and I've said this before to you, it's the combination of guys getting clean on their rushes off of play actions in the early downs, getting in the back field. Also, us covering a guy down, making the quarterback hold the football for an extra beat so that works hand-in-hand. Just in general, we have not been as effective with the things that we've done to rush the passer and pressures and stuff like that. We've been very similar and the results aren't the same so we have to adjust.

(On how long Derrick Coleman is going to be out for) I don't know the end of that one but he did break a bone in his foot so that's usually four to six weeks anyway and usually a six week at the best.

(On if he's ever been through a stretch like this where there's a big trade that close to a game and then from Wednesday till Sunday morning you lose three players with injuries) No, there's no way that we've had that exact situation ever. I happened to be in Minnesota when the big trade with Herschel Walker was there so I saw that action. I can't remember what happened in that game. I do remember that he had a 50-yard run the first time he carried the ball and his shoe fell off. Other than that I can't remember anything else about what the result of it was but I thought that was as big of a trade that you could ever be involved with.

(On how Robert Turbin did at fullback) He made it through. He's not taken any snaps there to my recollection ever. He understands the offense well enough that he knew who was supposed to get blocked. He actually was pretty effective at pointing out the right guys and making his play and he was having to figure out what that was like to be a lead blocker on plays and he did fine. He did a nice job catching the ball and coming out of the backfield.

He's a nice threat there at that spot and we will have to see when we work through this week, how that's going to out but that was an emergency situation and he jumped to the front of it.

(On if Michael Robinson is an option to fill in for Derrick Coleman) He's doing a really good job in the media right now and quite busy. We're really encouraged by his efforts. He seems to be very well grooved in his business and things.

(On what happened to Tharold Simon) He sprained his ankle, a light sprain. It blew up but it's not a bad sprain. He was hopping around pretty good today. He has a chance to get back this week. [Byron] Maxwell will have a chance to get back this week too. We will see how that goes during the week.

(On Tharold Simon's emotions getting the best of him a couple times during the game) He got overly aggressive on his first coverage opportunity. He kind of jumped into the receiver some. That was a good call and then he was just holding the guy off when he was blocking him and he happened to get fingers in his face mask and so that was unfortunate. Those are huge penalties but I don't think that had anything to do with him. Then a guy took a poke at him. He didn't respond, he did well there.

(On how good of a play the first play that Tharold Simon made) Big play, first chance. It was really the same play we had against Dallas, the first third down and we missed a tackle two weeks ago. He makes the play, we get off the field. It was a good start for us.

(On if Stephen Schilling is okay) Yeah. He came back and played and he feels okay today. He got hit pretty hard, he got a big bruise but he will be able to get back.

(On if Zach Miller or Max Unger have a chance to get back this week) Max is working at it, we will see. Zach is a little further away. Zach is still in the boot right now so he's not that close yet but we expect him to make a big jump once he gets to the next level of rehab. Max is doing some stuff this week. We will see what happens as the week goes on.

(On what happened to Luke Willson) He strained his groin in Wednesday's practice. He worked out and could almost make it back. We felt like it was better if we held him out and give him a chance to be back this week fully so he has a good chance to get back. He should practice Thursday, Wednesday. Hopefully by Wednesday we can get him out but Thursday for sure.

(On how he said this morning on the radio that he talked to the players on the plane about the Percy Harvin trade and if he got the feeling that he got honest reactions from them or if they were just telling him what they thought he wanted to hear) Why would you put it like that? I think they answered very honestly, yeah. Some guys were sleeping so I didn't get every guy.

I took a good accounting of the fellows and just to visit because it happened so suddenly for them. I know exactly how they feel about it, yeah. We had a really good talk about it and talked with guys from across the board on our team. I think it was pretty clear that it was accepted as the next thing we had to do and we did the right thing and on we go. It was a team decision.

(If any players expressed being upset about the Percy Harvin trade) No.

(On how much on an adjustment he made taking Percy Harvin out) He didn't practice Wednesday or Thursday of that week so that wasn't a big issue.

(On Percy Harvin not being a major part of the game plan) We weren't able to know that because he wasn't able to practice any Wednesday or Thursday-he got back on Friday though.

(On how he thinks the team handled it) I think they handled it really well-they took it in stride. I think they trust our decision-making and they've stood by us throughout and I don't think there is any fall out at all. Obviously, like one of our guys said, "You're human, you react, you have a response to it," but I don't think anybody had any problem and everybody was concerned about getting to business of playing football. So I think it was fine.

(On him being concerned about the pass rush) Yes, our rotations aren't like they were a year ago and we're going to try and make that work in favor of the guys rushing the passer as best we can. Michael Bennett and Cliff Avril are playing more than what they have it seems like at this time last year.

(On Kevin Norwood and Paul Richardson) I've only said positive things about those guys because that's all you have-they've been impressive, they've worked really hard, they're terrific guys, they've learned their stuff. They've come along as far as they could with the opportunities that they've had so far.

During the week-because the way the week was going, they had a lot of work. They were involved in the different sub groups that we had, and they did exactly what we hoped for them. Really, Paul has been on it-he's  had a lot more work than Kevin has because Kevin missed five or six weeks, but both those guys fit in, we love them, the quarterback feels very confident using them. They have great catching range so it's a real plus that those guys got in the game, got to play, and hopefully we'll be able to keep going with that.

(On did he hear from the NFL about the Richard Sherman fumble recovery at the end of the game) Yes, as a matter of fact, I got a call from them this morning-just to see if I had any questions about it. What I was concerned about was-it was such a crucial moment in the game. It was such an unusual situation, why wouldn't they take all the time that they needed to make a clear cut decision.

They felt like, from the looks that they had, that they wouldn't be able to determine anything-more than what was called and they couldn't say if it was right or wrong either because they couldn't tell. So they saw that the ball was underneath Sherm and he had it right there, but they didn't feel like he had control of it from what they could see. So they kind of agreed with the way it went. I just made the point that really the decisive play, at the end of the game-why would you not take all of the time.

It seems like that happens in the college game; they'll stop the game and they'll take a look and they'll investigate further, but based on what they saw, they feel like what they had concluded that they weren't going to be able to help the situation any so that's why they did it. I hope it brings awareness to the situation because it's the last play of the game, what's the rush-let's figure it out?

(On Jordan Hill) Jordan sprained his ankle I think in the game last week and he looks good today-he's going to try to practice Wednesday; see if he can go, he should be back in it.

(On did the Rams defend the two point conversion well) Yes, they did. They defended where we wanted to go-they did a nice job. They kind of hopped in front of the route a little bit. We just got off the side we thought we could hit and so Russell [Wilson] had to come back and try to find something and couldn't come up with anything.

(On similarities in close games that he's lost this year and the games that he won last year) Just the result only-that we position ourselves; these games could have gone the other way. Are these games from last year-those five games that were so close that we did win; are these those? I don't know-you don't know that but we've had opportunities. We've had the chance to have the ball in San Diego; we've had the chance to go down the field in all these games-one way or the other-stopping Dallas, etc. so it's unfortunate.

The finish is so crucial and the finish, really, it hasn't worked out in our favor in those games; but the margin of where we are vs. what we could be is so slight that the hope is very strong, and to see the big improvement on the offense this week was really encouraging and exciting. So we're going to keep punching at it, and it's a long season-it's a lot of stuff that has to be determined; a lot of games in division-all kinds of activities are going to happen and we got to see if we can turn those finishes and continue to improve. We're going to work on improving every week.

(On how linebackers played without Bobby Wagner) They did ok-there were a couple plays in there that we didn't hit as hard as we like to on the edge and the ball got out a little bit, but all in all-they played well. You look at the game, they had sixty-five/ seventy yards rushing to the last carry of the game. So we played the game pretty well. It doesn't feel like it because the score was so out of whack, but 167 yards throwing and 100 yards rushing can be a pretty good day for you in general, but it didn't spell that this week.

(On how many games Bobby Wagner may be out) I don't know. It's going to be a while.

(On Jeremy Lane) Jeremy will practice this week. He'll be back at it with still two more weeks in the term that he has to wait to come back.

(On him being worried about Russell Wilson getting injured being more active in offense) Yes-always. He's great at it, he understands, but he got smacked on a throw that; I can't believe wasn't something involved with a call there, but that was the biggest hit that he took. He got tackled a couple times-more than we want. He has a great consciousness about it-he knows how to stay out of trouble. We do not want him in that situation at all so we would discourage him at every turn but get on the ground; anything but getting on the ground is what we need-get out of bounds, get on the ground as soon as you can. He does a great job of that-he's not trying to run anybody over.

(On the 2nd half performance looking more like his offense) I think so that's why we're encouraged by it. We saw the whole run mechanism work together-Marshawn [Lynch] drew a lot of attention. Marshawn had a couple calls called back, runs that would've given him significant yardage in the game. His factor allow Russell [Wilson] to get out a little bit on the edge and then the third down situation in the 2nd half, was four out of five in the 2nd half, was very sharp and that's the way we like to look-much more in the direction we're hoping to go.

(On Doug Baldwin being more comfortable in the slot) Yes, he's been very effective there for us in the slot. He's played a lot of outside stuff for us, which he does fine, but he's always been really difficult to cover inside. He's got a great sense for it-he and Russell [Wilson] have a good chemistry and I think that was pretty obvious that that was back in our favor; hoping we'll continue to get that from those guys.

(On Doug Baldwin having a good sense) Yes, overall ball sense. He's got extraordinary quickness and he's very, very sudden. The feel for the offense and what we're asking him-the routes vs. the coverages-he and Russell have kind of grown up together on that. I think we saw the benefit of that chemistry show up.

(On did Doug Baldwin moving in and out affect him or the offense) Well he wasn't inside as much. It's part of the outcome of really the exchange that just happens. He gets called on to play inside more so and he stepped up and did a nice job.

(On how long did he know about Percy Harvin and his background) I've known Percy since he was in high school. We recruited him in high school and didn't get very close to getting him, but I've followed him for a long time.

(On did the other guys fit better with Percy Harvin being out) I don't know.  We'll see-it's one game. Really, we played two and a half quarters well. We have a long ways to go.

(On what was different in thinking he could make it work with Percy Harvin) Forever in my recruiting days and in the league-coached all kinds of different guys, and this is no surprise, you've always felt like this was going to work out. You were going to be able to figure out a way to make it work and with everybody that we decided to bring into this program, we do it for a specific reason, with great consideration, and we have a plan. We have a great vision for how it's going to go and it didn't quite get there.