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The Offense in a Snap: Seahawks vs Rams, or Doug Baldwin Is Awesome

Scott Kane-USA TODAY Sports

"The Offense in a Snap" is a series that is meant to walk you through of a few select Seahawks' offensive plays from the  previous week's game. The YouTube video that is embedded below contains my audio breakdown of each play in the vein of This Week in Defense. Playing the youtube video first is key before getting into looking at the GIFs. Or in the future, video clips.

We didn't have a chance to put together the accompanying videos to go along with my play breakdown this week, but thanks to Jennifer Chen, we've got GIFs below! I have embedded them but also provided a link underneath that will allow you to go to the image itself and manipulate it for better tracking of the plays.

Let's get to work..

1. Link For Manipulation

2. Link For Manipulation

3. Link For Manipulation

4. Link For Manipulation

5. Link For Manipulation