Kenny Mayne corroborates Mike Freeman article on Seahawks' locker room divide


"Two sources — one inside the team, one outside of the underachieving 3-3 Seahawks — tell me that much of what was written in Mike Freeman’s Bleacher Report column is true," Mayne said, apparently reading from carefully-crafted prompter copy. "[Freeman] wrote of turmoil involving since-traded Percy Harvin and the quarterback Russell Wilson that led to a more widespread internal battle pitting those for Russell Wilson and those against. And Freeman surmised on his own an issue among some teammates regarding Wilson that quote, he isn’t black enough. A certain expected behavior based on color, apparently. One of the sources told me, quote, I don’t know how he got all that stuff, but it’s pretty much true. We do have a divide. We’re working on it. Thursday that notion was not presented to Wilson, but over and again, questions came about Harvin’s departure."

ESPN confirms existence of Seattle locker-room divide, in unusual way | ProFootballTalk