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Fantasy Football 2014: Russell Wilson, Marshawn Lynch produce for Seahawks

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There is no question that this game was defined and dictated by Seahawks penalties. Whether it be in the secondary or on the offensive line they committed a ton of them tonight. In a game that Vegas perceived as close, I never thought it would be, and it certainly didn't begin that way. This game truly proved how complete a player Russell Wilson is and his numbers more than reflected his how amazing he was on Monday night.

With that said, here we go.


Russell Wilson: Here we go again, Russell is arguably one of the most stable fantasy quarterbacks in the game and tonight was no deviation from the norm. His first three outings have yielded highly respectable scores of: 22.54, 21.88, 27.02. Versus the Redskins on Monday Nght? The median average nearly doubled.

The difference tonight was the use of his legs. Russell found a ton of room in the first quarter where he carved the Redskins for 80 yards, and a total of 122 rushing yards for the game to go along with one rushing touchdown. On his first play from the red zone, Russell found Jermaine Kearse in the end zone for a beautiful 15 yard touchdown. It wasn't until late in the second quarter when Russell Wilson scored his 2nd touchdown of the evening, as he kept it himself on a read option and ran it in for a 9 yard touchdown.

After that it would be a battle of dropped passes, miscues and offensive holding calls that would hinder Russell's overall outing. On two separate occasions, Wilson had touchdown passes to Percy Harvin called back due to sometimes idiotic offensive line decisions. In his final act, Russell found a wide open Marshawn Lynch out of the backfield for a 9 yard touchdown.

Overall, Russell routinely made smart decisions with the ball in his hands and his monster output was evident of that. Russell was already QB1, but based on his first four games of the 2014 season, I think its safe to say he's definitely on the front half of that list.

(201 Pass Yards, 2 Pass TD, 122 Rush Yards, 1 Rush TD = 38.24 Total Points)


Marshawn Lynch: Not the gaping holes he's used to on Monday Night, as Lynch rushed 17 times for 72 yards, good for 4.2 YPC. Marshawn did what he does and grinded for tough yards all night long, wearing down the defensive front of Washington. Now, in the pass game, it was an entirely different story as Marshawn saw six targets, converting to five catches for 45 yards and a score.

The real saving grace(s) to his day was a late 4th quarter touchdown pass from Wilson for 9 yards, then a great catch in the final three minutes of the game for a massive gain of 30 yards. He's without a doubt a RB1 in all formats, and if he continues to catch the ball like he has been, then he will be an even more dominant play in PPR formats.

Lynch is a formidable pass catching option, and one of the last great NFL feature backs in the league. Continue to roll Lynch out with absolute confidence.

(72 Rush Yards, 5 Catches, 45 Rec Yards, 1 Rec TD = 22.70 Total PPR Points/17.7 Standard Points)

Robert Turbin: Per usual not a relevant fantasy play without injury. Oddly enough he started the game off in the backfield but it wasn't long before he disappeared.

(19 Rush Yards = 1.9 PPR Points/1.9 Standard Points)


Percy Harvin: I just want to open one of my second story windows and scream "CARPENTER!!!!!" into the heavens, because Percy's night could have been SO MUCH BETTER. He saw a total of five targets, which he did his best with and converted to 4 catches for 27 yards.

On the rushing side of the coin, Percy carried the ball twice for 7 yards. A decoy, a deep threat, and even on occasion a running back, he can truly do it all. What really chaps every Harvin owner's back side however is the absolutely reprehensible offensive line penalties that cost his two receiving touchdowns and one rushing touchdown.

As I am writing this review I am actually starting to throw up in my own mouth a little as I flash back to all these moments. Bear with him though, folks, he's a major factor in this Seattle offensive game and Russell is looking for him. He may at this moment be a very nice buy low candidate if you have a Matt Asiata or Andre Williams on your bench to move for him.

(4 Catches, 27 Yards, 7 Rush Yards = 7.4 PPR Total Points/ 3.4 Standard Points)

Jermaine Kearse: He found pay dirt early in the game on the first drive and was very much a non-factor from that point on. He saw two targets, hauling in just the 1 for 15 yards and a score. Kudos to you if you had the sack to start him, but like most he's not worth the risk of a doughnut for. Even more unpredictable than Doug Baldwin is but unfortunately for Kearse he doesn't see near the targets.

(1 Catch, 15 Yards, 1TD = 8.5Total PPR Points/7.5 Standard Points)

Doug Baldwin: He reeled in 4 catches on five targets for 50 yards. Baldwin will continue to be an outside threat that can hurt you with intermediate routes as well, but for fantasy purposes he almost perpetually floats in that WR4 range even in PPR leagues. Hes a safe bet for 8-10 PPR fantasy points but its a near impossible bet when or IF he will add a touchdown with it.

(4 Catches, 50 Yards = 9 Total PPR Points/5 Standard Point)


Luke Willson: With Zach Miller, out it was the athletic Willson's opportunity to shine vs Washington. By real life standards he had a really solid game, working as a run blocker and occasional passing target for Russell Wilson. On Monday Night, Luke saw four targets, 3 of which he hauled in for 28 total yards. A majority of his damage was done on a 19 yard catch which would be his biggest play of the night. He is way off the fantasy football map even with no Miller on the field to compete with. He's just too unpredictable for my blood.

(3 Catches, 28 Yards = 5.8 Total PPR Points/2.8 Standard Points)

Cooper Helfet: More like "Who'per". 2 targets. 1 catch. 36 yards receiving. *throws hands up*. I dont think I need to explain this one. Just one more piece that attests to the depth of the Seattle Seahawks. He is NOT on the fantasy radar.

(1 Catch, 36 Rec Yards = 4.6 PPR Total Points/3.6 Standard Points)


Steven Hauschka: He was efficient as usual Monday Night, going 2/2 from field goal range (40+ yards each) and putting up an additional 3 points on extra point efforts. He one of the top dogs in the league and should be continued to be rostered if available.

(2 FG's, 3 XP's = 11 Total Points)


Seattle Defense/Special Teams: It was really a question of, "which Kirk Cousins is going to show up tonight?". The answer? The accurate one. Kirk was about as precise as you can be vs. what most experts would agree is the top defense in the league. To his credit, he found ways to at times pick apart this Seattle defense and most impressively, avoid turnovers. Not an excellent outing from Seattle by fantasy regards as they only had one extra scoring stat (sack) in the night. In Seattle's defense, Percy Harvin never got a shot to return a kickoff and the Redskins' wide receiving core is no joke. It doesn't get any easier next week versus the Cowboys, fortunately for the Seattle DST it is at home.

(1 Sack, 91 Punt/Kick Return Yards, 17 Points Allowed = 4.28 Points)


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