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Seahawks vs. Chiefs: Players, coaches talk about upcoming matchup at Arrowhead

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Here's a roundup of Seahawks players and coaches interviews and press conferences from the last few days.

Pete Carroll:

Pete Carroll Week 11 Wednesday Press Conference
Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll discusses Brandon Mebane and Zach Miller's injury status, Russell Wilson's running game, and former Seahawk and current Chiefs cornerback, Ron Parker.


Well this is a great challenging week, as we look at Kansas City we see a team that is very well equipped. It's a really well balanced team. They play really good defense. They play really well on offense. They take care of the ball. It's hard to get big plays on them. The special teams are loaded up and are as good as we've seen. Andy [Reid], he has got it together, knows what he's doing. His quarterback is right under his wing, doing things the way he wants it so a really good challenge. And of course, playing there and all that just adds to it. It's a big challenge for us and hopefully, we will be able to continue making progress. We are going to try to keep getting better and see if that will be good enough to get us a really big time opportunity here going against Kansas City so looking forward to this.

(On any similarities, if any, he sees between their running game and his) There are similarities, style. There's a lot of zone running game and the quarterback can run too. There are some similarities there. The style of the running backs is much different. They're really on different ends of the spectrum.

(On the severity of Brandon Mebane's injury) Yeah, he tore his hamstring really drastically. It's a big time injury for him so he's going to miss the season. He will have to get fixed up.

(On if there is any concern beyond this year for Brandon Mebane) No, not at this point.

(On what exactly Brandon Mebane was doing so well) He seemed to be more consistent in being a factor, making plays, penetrating. It's not always the tackles that he makes but it's the plays that he forces because he has great penetration and the ball gets bounced around and other guys make tackles and all. He had a great offseason. He reported in probably the best shape he's ever been in for us and it showed. He was very, very consistent. Really, really unfortunate injury. He was not under duress in any way, he was just in pursuit of a play so there's no way you would ever anticipate or expect something to go wrong there so it's unlucky.

(On if he still intends to just go with what he has to replace Brandon Mebane) Yes. We're going to mix Tony [McDaniel] and Kevin [Williams] in at the tackle spots and Jordan Hill will play as well. Kevin will start there to start the week but we expect a real active rotation and we will move those guys in and out.

(On how many more snaps Kevin William's can handle right now) He's handled everything we've done fine. He hasn't needed any extra attention in practice. He has no ailments coming up from the past or any wear down factors right now. For this late in the season, he's in as good of shape as he has probably ever been and he's a really good stout, tough football player. He will give us great play in there, it will be a little bit different style, much different makeup - size wise and all but he has great experience and he will adapt to this I think really well.

(On if it helps Kevin William that he was more limited in the rotation before if his work load increases) I think so, yeah, it should. At this time, he would have played 500 snaps or so on the normal pace he was on so he's well into that now.

(On the reason behind bringing in TE RaShaun Allen) Well, the reason we did that is because Zach is going on IR. He's going to have to have some more attention done to the ankle. It didn't really respond the way we had hoped and so that's going to take him off the roster for now so that's why we went out and got the young guy back.

(On how disappointing that is for Zach Miller) I talked to him about it this morning. He's pretty matter-of-fact about it - he doesn't feel right. He's not ready. It's not like he's close to getting back. It's just been a long process, he had a nasty ankle and they were hoping to not have to do a really big surgery, that he would be able to respond from it, and to give him a chance to play this year and it just isn't that way. He will have to do the final work there and get him set up for next year.

(On if Zach Miller's injury was something that bothered him to an extent a little bit before this year) I don't think then it was a big problem but I think he was aware of an ankle that was kind of funky at times. It never kept him out of stuff. It obviously caught up with him.

(On Luke Willson's injury) Luke went through walk thru and looked very good. We weren't sure he would be able to even do that today and he's very encouraged that he will be able to play. He'll have to show it by the end of the week here. He will go very light today. He has been an extremely fast healer in some other things so maybe he's doing it again so we will keep you posted of that one.

(On if Tony Moeaki will be up to speed and available on Sunday) Yeah, Tony has to step up now and jump right in there. We kept him out last week because we thought it was too soon. It's still early, still really quick to put a guy in there and expect him to do everything but he is a veteran. He does understand it and he's picked things up really well. He's had a very good 10 days with us so far. We will see how far he can take it but we're counting on him to play.

(On if there was a setback with Zach Miller's injury) It never really responded the way that they had hoped. It was really long. I kept telling you, ‘We're not seeing anything to give you any hope throughout the process.' He never really got passed that. He did get to the ground running and got that far along in the rehab in hopes that it would work itself out but it didn't.

(On if Cooper Helfet will be okay to play this week) Yeah, he was in walk thru also today. Coop feels like he's going to make it back. He got banged on the knee, it wasn't a knee injury. It got a bruise on his knee so he's got a good chance.

(On Malcolm Smith and Kam Chancellor playing this week) Both those guys were out there. They will both practice today.

(On after playing without Zach Miller for a while now, how does he feel Luke Willson and Cooper Helfet have blocked in the run game) Well, both guys had a lot of ground to makeup to catch up to Zach and both guys have improved with their play time. Luke has really done a very good job and he's making really good progress. We've been able to run the ball with both the guys in there. There was a little time in the first couple weeks where we struggled a little bit but those guys started to add in and I think that helped us as well as Garry Gilliam jumping in there. Garry has done a really good job of blocking for us so that's been a real positive in support of the need for a tight end.

(On if Bobby Wagner will do anything this week) He's running and I think he's doing some change of direction stuff today to find out how far along he is. He's really excited about getting back. I don't think if he can make it this week or not but it really sets him up if he gets through the process this week, he should be in good shape for a chance to get back next week.

(On if the tight end situation being so unsettled influences how he calls games) It's not influencing our run-pass ratio. There's some stuff. Zach was a very, very experienced player that did all kinds of things. He played fullback, he could lead on plays, he could block on the edge, we could split him out and do things. He had such great background in our system and knowledge and really command of so many different things. We could do more things with one guy. We are mixing guys to get that done but it's not changing our emphasis of the running game. We're emphasizing as much as we can and we're trying to run the ball as much as we can every time we go out.

(On how in his career his teams have always tended to improve in the second half of the season and if he sees any reason for that) Well, I've watched that because going back, we have had tremendous success late in the season for all those years down in L.A and I tried to figure out why. We were really proud of it and it was a big staple in the program. We talked about it and anticipated it and all of that. We have seen pretty good finishes here too so the only really concrete reason that I have is that we play so many young guys early that by the time we get to midseason those guys are regular players for us and it's helped our depth situation. It's helped our roster as we get into the latter part of the season for two counts. One, that those guys are more ready to play as first line players and it's also by the rotations, other guys have not had to play quite as much and they're a bit stronger. We were so committed to playing young players, it's not a very concrete thought, but that's one thing I know that we've done with intent and we've seen and felt that. Like I told you a couple of weeks ago, we already felt like the receivers could play, we don't have any concern about that; they can go in anytime and jump in there. [Justin] Britt did it. Guys have done that for us over the years so I don't know if that's it but that's one concrete thing we've tried to do to help us. And is that a legit deal? I don't know.

(On how he has thought his linebackers have looked the past couple weeks) Yeah, we've seen everybody. They're doing a great job of filling the voids and jumping up and stepping in, to look at the practice field today and to see Malcolm [Smith] next to K.J. [Wright] next to Bruce [Irvin] next to Kam [Chancellor] feels like that's way different than it's been. I don't know how long it's been. It just seems like it's a difference. We haven't even seen Bobby's return yet. The fact that we've been able to maintain, win some games and play pretty good defense and we're playing really good against the run. Those guys have jumped in very effectively and they've done like exactly like we had hoped - that they would fill the spot and it wouldn't be an issue. Brock [Coyle] played last week. Brock's a little hampered right now. He played banged up last week and he made it through the game. It was fantastic effort for him to get through the game under those circumstances. He kind of had to and he did and he came through for us in that way as well as the other things he's done in earlier games. Those guys have done a really good job to keep us going.

(On statistically that Russell Wilson has run more this year than last year and what are some of the reasons for that) It's just been available and that's all. We're not trying to run him anymore. There's no intent there to get him more carries. We're just running the offense. Most of his stuff happens because it's available and the read takes him there. It's not because we're designing running plays for him and he's running the sweeps and stuff like that. It's really just reading out the scheme. He had big games off the true nakeds a couple times here and there with a lot of yards in those games, Washington and last week, so but as long as he continues to avoid getting hit we're fine and he's done a very, very good job of that again. We really trust him in that regard.

(On if he's surprised at all with how well Ron Parker is playing at Kansas City) Gosh, he's had over 500 plays this year. That's fantastic for Ron. He's a great kid. He always was in the competition of everything we've done here. We knew he had a great future. We always tried to keep him around. We just had some really good guys battling with him. I've watched him closely and he's playing really good football. He was a big factor in the end of that game just last week; he was all over the football so great for him.

(On if there is something in the defense schemes that is allowing Russell Wilson to run this year) We're not trying to run him more. He's taking what the defense gives him at times. I think if I was playing on the other side, Marshawn [Lynch] carrying the football up there will draw a lot of attention and he's run so well and been such a factor for us that it's hard to stop him and then that allows Russell some opportunities because they're closing on the inside running game and the stuff that 24 does so hopefully that's what's going on. It fits off of one another and I don't know if that will continue. We will just keep playing football and see what happens.

(On if he has added anyone yet to take Zach Miller's spot) Well, RaShaun Allen is back with us. It depends how you look at it. Also, Allen Bradford has come back to us to play on the other side, to play defense.

(On Kansas City not allowing a rushing touchdown all season and what he sees in that) They do everything well. This is a team that has closed in on a lot of areas to execute really well. They're really good on third-down. They're really good in short down situations. They're really good in the passing game. They're the leading pass defense team in the NFL, they're right there. They're really well equipped. Usually, they're really quick to load it up down there. They like to make it hard on you to run. They don't care if you're in goal line personnel or not, they're going to send their big guys in so that tends to direct the offense a little bit differently but that's a great accomplishment for this late in the season, for sure.

Dan Quinn:

Dan Quinn Week 11 Press Conference
Seahawks defensive coordinator Dan Quinn talks with the media about facing Jamaal Charles and the Chiefs.


(On being strong the past couple weeks against run and if Kansas City is a bit more of challenge) Yeah, really they're a great challenge in a lot of respects. Certainly the run game is usually where we start it each week and it started for us, maybe three weeks ago, at Carolina, ‘How can we be on our fits?' To make sure in the run game we want to play like we're capable of playing. So, this team, another challenge in terms of the speed they can get on the perimeter with their backs so that's one of the real challenges for us in this game.

(On how different it is without Brandon Mebane being in there) Brandon, I thought, was really having one of his better years. I've had the privilege of coaching him for four years and being around him and I really thought in terms of being on his game so luckily for us we've got Kevin [Williams] who is ready to step into that role. He's been playing defensive tackle so he'll slide in there and play a bunch there with Jordan [Hill].

(On when Kevin Williams fills in for Brandon Mebane he has a different leverage point and how does that look different) The one thing we like still is he's big - at nose tackle, we like that. That fits the criteria first. Kevin has played so long that he knows how to play with leverage even though he's a taller guy where Brandon was able to get up underneath guys so different in style but both effective in the way that they play but definitely different even when they stand next to each other you can see the difference but we're really fortunate that Kevin chose to come here and be a part of this. It's unfortunate for us to looks Brandon but for us to have a player of Kevin's caliber, who can play inside and has the experience to do it, we're fortunate that way.

(On Allen Bradford being backup Middle Linebacker this week) Yes-if we need to, that's the reason we brought Allen here was if need be or called upon, he can do it. We know he's got some value on the teams as well. So we love his toughness, the effort, the mindset that AB brings so we're glad he's back here in the fold and he's had a couple playbooks through the last few months I'm sure but we'll make sure that it's some calls that he feels comfortable with too.

(On adding new parts with Malcolm Smith being back) A little bit because now we're adding Malcolm back into the mix, we'll rotate him and KPL [Kevin Pierre-Louis] in there as well in our base and our nickel package-so both of those guys will be a factor.

(On K.J. Wright playing middle linebacker) Yes-that's where we've used K.J more when we need to in our base packages inside. I can't say enough about K.J and his versatility-not only can he play Mike but he can play Will. It's rare to have a guy that can have that versatility-not only week to week, but he can do it in a game if need be. So I have a lot of respect and appreciation for what he brings to our defense.

(On how K.J Wright is able to be versatile) I think it starts with him having really good football instincts. To say, ‘I understand the concept of how we play whether it is three deep, or man to man. Then, the intricacies of each position-you have to learn and study at those hard because you're seeing things at a little bit of a different angle so I have a lot of respect for the way he has gone about it.

Darrell Bevell:

Darrell Bevell Week 11 Press Conference
Seahawks offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell talks to the press about the Chiefs defense, Zach Miller's injury, Russell Wilson's run game, and more.


(On what stands out about Kansas City not allowing a rushing touchdown yet this season) Well they're a well-coached defense. They're really solid. They're about top in every important category whether it's third-down, red-zone, rushing, and passing so they're a solid defense. They're coached well. They have good players. It will be a good challenge for us.

(On if it looks like they changed anything inside the redzone or inside the 10) I don't want to talk about red-zone today because we're not there yet. We're still on base-downs today. Tomorrow we will look at third-downs and we will do redzone on Friday so we kind of have a process that we go through so I can't speak to the redzone too much right now.

(On now knowing that he's not going to get Zach Miller back and if that changes anything going forward) Well, you always hate to lose good players. But like you said, we've been functioning the last few weeks without him. We've been productive. We've already kind of moved on because that's what you have to do. We've had Luke [Willson] and Cooper [Helfet] holding the fort down. We will get Tony Moeaki that will be playing a little bit for us now as well and we will just keep moving.

(On what he's seen so from Tony Moeaki) We like what we see. We know that he's been a good catcher in his past. He can run routes. He can catch the ball, looking forward to see how well he can block. Obviously, we don't get a lot of pads out here but he looks physical enough. He looks stout so he will be able to step right in there for us.

(On what Garry Gilliam showed him at blocker) We will still kind of mix that in. Garry's a big body. I mean obviously he's over 300 pounds. We like those matchups there that can present for us. He can catch the ball well as well. We will continue to put him in there as needed.

(On work in progress within the wide receiver position) I think we have a good feel for our guys and where we want them and how we want to use them, but there are still growing pains-we still have two rookies that we're using out there. With Paul [Richardson] and Kevin [Norwood], we love having them out there and we think they have a great future for us but there are always growing pains with younger guys. Like I said, there are things that we can continue to improve on.

(On Christine Michael's explosiveness providing a fulfillment to replacing Percy Harvin) There are probably some similar things-I wouldn't say in everything that we do, but there are definitely some things that we can do with him. We love Christine and we love how explosive he can be and the big plays that he can make but we still need to make sure that we can trust him in every situation. He's come a long way in that and obviously you can see it because we're starting to put him in there more-that's something that's he's earned to be able to do and obviously when you have a game like last week, that helps you, but there's a lot of things to being a running back than just running the ball.

(On what he wanted to see from Christine Michael last week) One, we wanted to use his speed-he has really good speed. He's able to hit some things so we're just giving him some small packages, trying to get him involved in the game, use his speed as best as we can, and take a couple of plays off Marshawn [Lynch] as well. He performed well in that role and we'll see how we can expand it.

Russell Wilson:

Russell Wilson Week 11 Press Conference
Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson talks with the media about traveling to Kansas City to take on the Chiefs.


(On how big a challenge is it to make sure you know where Tamba Hali and Justin Houston are at all times) Well knowing where those guys are, Hali and Houston, you got to know. They're great football players, some of the best guys in the league and we're going to have to do a great job of slowing them down.

(On what he remembers of camp last year and that group of corners including Ron Parker he was throwing at) Well Ron Parker's been playing great for them; you can definitely see it on film. He's played corner, he's played safety, and he can do it all. It will be exciting to go against him just because he's a great football player and he's got a lot of talent. We had so many guys here, it's tough to make it here but I thought that he's playing extremely good football right now.

(On if he got a sense going against that group last year that there was a usual amount of talent with all the guys you have now plus Brandon Browner, Walter Thurmond, Antoine Winfield and all those guys) Yeah, you think about all the talent we had last camp, this past camp and the times before. We've had so much talent at the cornerback position and then obviously, we've had some guys go to different teams and be very, very successful. When you look at Ron Parker, that's what he's doing for the Kansas City Chiefs.

(On the forecast being very, very cold for Sunday and how it's different playing in cold weather as opposed to rain) In terms of the cold weather, they've got so many heaters on the sidelines, you've got the gloves, you've got the little heat packet in your pocket there so it will be alright. I know it will be cold. The question is how the ground will be, how the grass will be. If the ground will be frozen or not depending on how cold it is. That's the kind of thing you have to get prepared for and make sure you get your traction and making sure that you have your balance in everything you do.

(On if the cold weather affects your ability to grip the ball at all) Not really. I have such big hands. In terms of gripping the football, it's not usually a problem ever.

(On how he evaluates how he's been playing and where he's lacking right now based on having a passer rating under 80 in four of the last five games) Well I think my accuracy has been a little off for whatever reason. I keep believing in myself. I'm not going to doubt myself. I've played a lot of great football at times. I believe every time I get the ball in my hands, I'm going to make something happen. That's never going to change. My confidence never waivers and sometimes you go through a downward slump but as long as you can find ways to win. That's all I care about is finding ways to help our football win and then once I get back in my groove which hopefully it will happen this week, I think it's going to be really hard to stop us because of how our defense is playing and how Marshawn [Lynch] is running the football and so there have been a lot of opportunities. That's the good thing. There have been a lot of opportunities that we could have capitalized on and we haven't. I think some of that's on me and I look forward to those moments again, whenever they come back up, I believe that those game altering plays I'm going to make.

(On if he stills believes his footwork is the main culprit) I think sometimes. I think some of the times it's been footwork and sometimes maybe rushing a little bit too fast. I think that one of my strengths is being poised at certain times and I think that I have to always go back to that. Always being as calm as possible and being smooth as possible and making those throws and hitting it when it's there.

(On when he has consecutive running plays whether it's a scramble or by design and the third play is a pass, if it is a little harder to compose himself after the running and the hitting) No, I don't think so. I don't think about it at least. I don't think it makes a difference. Obviously I've had to run the ball a few more times than normal. In terms of, does it affect the passing game? I don't think so. I do think your adrenaline is going a little bit more and I've done this ever since I was a young kid. I've been able to scramble and do all of that so I think I'm used to it. But one thing you have to figure out and make sure you know is stay calm and stay poised and I think that's part of it because your adrenaline is running so high from running around from all those big guys. When you get back out there, every play is a new play for me and that's what I'm looking forward to this week.

(On having so many reps with Doug Baldwin and Jermaine Kearse and when it comes to working with Kevin Norwood and Paul Richardson, what kind of things does he do to make sure they're up to speed) In terms of getting the other guys up to speed, I think they're doing a great job. I think Kevin Norwood and Paul Richardson are doing a phenomenal job stepping up and making plays for us. I think there's always room for all of us to improve, me especially. I think that, in terms of getting those guys up to speed, me getting up to speed to them and figuring everything out, I think it's communicating and continuing to get extra reps when you can without tiring those guys out because they're doing special teams stuff during practice and then after practice you don't want to wear them down too much. There's a happy medium to it but I also think a lot of it is visualizing and trusting it too. Trusting those reps, trusting the preparation and then come game day, letting it rip.

(On where he finds those extra reps) You find it in the film room. You find it in the film room. You find it in between drills when you can. ‘Hey, can you spot up right here for me?' If I miss a throw during a game, Coach Carl Smith and I always make sure we go back to it and replay the down, the situation and complete the throw and let it go so I can come back to it. Next time it's in a game, I'll hit it again. That's the way that I think. I think that with those guys they're doing a phenomenal job, they're so talented. They've got so much ability so I've no doubt in my mind what we can do and what we will do.

(On in the last two seasons how his numbers have taken a big uptake in the last month or two and what he attributes that to and if it's something he expects out of himself this year too) Well, my goal is to take-off. That's the goal. You want to keep getting better every week. I feel like I've found ways to win these past couple of weeks and you have to remember we've had a lot of guys out and all that but you still want to keep playing great football all the time and so you're going to have your ups and downs but the key is finding your way back into that groove and staying in that groove and that's what I believe is going to happen. We're playing a very good defense so we have to play our best football. I have to play my best football. I look forward to those challenges.

(On having to count on new guys at tight end and receiver to some extent too and how much more inherently difficult is it trying to build up rapport with those guys in season) In terms of building rapport with the news guys, they love getting extra work, they love doing whatever they can. But also, those game reps are a little bit different and so the more that you can get those game reps in like the young receivers we've had in there, think about Cooper Helfet, Tony Moeaki - he's playing and getting ready for the game and so those guys are so talented so you have to get as much as you can during the week and trust come game day, it's no different. They're ready to go. There very, very good catchers. They can do it all. They run great routes so it should look the same.

(On if there is ever any thought of how challenging these last seven games will be) Well it's always been a challenge for us ever since I got here. I know that our schedule has always been tough - playing in this division, the NFC West, it's not easy then you have to play some AFC teams that are very, very talented. We're going against the Kansas City Chiefs, a playoff type team, that's a very good football team, coached extremely well. They have a great quarterback in Alex Smith and they have a great defense and they have some star players on the offensive side of the ball. You look forward to those moments.

You look forward to going on the road to Arrowhead. We know it's going to be loud, we know their fans are going to be intense. Those are championship moments that you live for. Those are all the times when you're a little kid you work for, those are all the times when you're in the weight room during the offseason and throwing with the guys and traveling around and trying to throw with the guys as much as you can in different locations and find a way. That's what develops championship teams is finding a way to win, finding a way to come back, finding a way when you're ahead staying ahead, all those things and finding a way to continue to believe.

Like I've always said to you guys, ‘Why not us?' We have a great football team; we have a team that believes in each other, we have a team that believes in our coaching staff. We have the best fans in the national football league. So our goal is to show that every week. There are ups and downs throughout a season and you look forward to those because that develops the character of your team. That develops a championship season, that's the journey and you have to respect the process and enjoy the journey.

(On playing Kansas City in the preseason his rookie year) I always try to visualize success and one of the things I thought about this morning was, ‘Playing at Arrowhead-oh yeah I've played there before.' So it's a little bit different situation-preseason game but those are things you try and remember. You try to remember what the stadium looks like, you try to remember how you got ready-what was the process of it, that was the third preseason game-that was a game I started in and it turned out really well for us, really good for us.

So I think you try to rely on those things-I also try to rely on the preparation throughout the week more than anything else. I try to rely on the teammates that I have and the coaching staff, and trust that we're going to find a way. We know it's going to be a battle, we know it's going to go down to the wire, and we expect that. We expect to find a way to win and that's what it takes.

(On the difference in a 3-4 and a 4-3 defense) We see a lot of 3-4 defenses because the NFC West-they play a lot of 3-4 defenses and you have those big guys on the edge, they're called linebackers, but they don't look like linebackers. So that's kind of the difference, you have those big guys on the edge and they're usually bringing a five man rush every play. So you have to do a great job of blocking them up and getting protected, which we will hopefully and play a great football game.

(On did the preseason game feel big for him) I never look forward to the future-I just try to be in the moment, that's kind of how I've always been. Yes I look forward to playing this game this week, but just because it's the game this week but I just try to live in the moment and during that time period when I was a rookie getting ready for that first game, I just told myself, ‘I've been here before, I've played in a lot of games before, I've started in a lot of college football games, I've had a lot of great opportunities before, and played in front of a lot of big crowds before and I always want to rise to the occasion and elevate my game and elevate my teammates. So that's one of my focus points-I'm ready, I'm prepared, and you get ready for those moments and you go.

(On the coldest game he's played in) Probably somewhere in Wisconsin-practicing in Wisconsin, we always practice outside. I've played in some cold games in the ACC-I don't know, 15 degrees. I don't think I've ever practiced below, besides when I was a little kid playing in the back yard. Other than that, I don't really practice in anything below freezing or below zero.

(On has he ever had to wear flat shoes instead of spikes) I've never had to wear non-spikes because usually the cold places that I've played have turf. So it's a little bit different-the ground may be heated, but I'm getting ready for that just in case you ever have to wear non-spikes, just in case the ground is frozen and your cleats won't go in the ground. So that's probably what I'm going to be practicing in probably today most likely just to kind of get a feel for what it's going to feel like, and get a feel for my balance, and moving around.

(On anyone liking to play in bad weather) I just enjoy playing the game-when the lights come on, you get ready to go. Do I wish we were playing in sixty-five degree weather-probably so but you look forward to the moments just to get out there. That's what playoff football and championship football is all about-bad weather situation and it's a grind. You have to find a way-that's the mentality that you have to have. So I'm looking forward to it.

(On last week's rushing performance) Well when you have a rushing performance like we had last week, you love those moments-that's history, that's real stuff that you never want to forget, that you can always rely on-the fact that Marshawn [Lynch] is running the ball as good as he is. He's having an MVP type performance and that's what you want out of your guy. Then, you think about all the other guys that are having to step up: Robert Turbin and Christine Michael-they're playing great football too.

So you watch the film, you get excited to see that kind of stuff because I believe that when you have one part of your offense doing really well and then the second part comes on, in terms of the passing game-we want to be very balanced. So like I said earlier in the beginning of this interview, I believe that we're going to click, we going to make plays, and whatever it takes to win. I don't care what the situation is, whether it's a run for 450 or we throw for 450 as long as we score one more that's all that matters to me.

Richard Sherman:

Richard Sherman Week 11 Press Conference
Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman talks about Brandon Mebane's injury, former teammate and current Chiefs cornerback Ron Parker, and playing in the cold weather.


(On next man up mentality) It's always been that way since I came here and since we've been playing. It's always been next man up anytime somebody gets hurt. It's next man up and the next man has to be ready to go and ready to fill the role and exceed the role.

(On the loss of Brandon Mebane) It's concerning in the form of-you never want to lose a teammate. You never want to lose a guy of his caliber-he's a great person, great individual, great player and we're sorry for his loss and it sucks because of the kind of person that he is, but I think we'll find ways to play hard and make up for it.

(On how impressed is he with Kansas City Chiefs S Ron Parker) I'm very impressed, but we've seen him do it time after time. Ron has been a great player for a while. Here-he made a lot of big plays, he was a contributor on special teams, and to see him get his opportunity to shine and go out there and actually play football, make plays, and start-we're excited for him. We're real excited for him because he's still part of the L.O.B [Legion of Boom]. He's a guy that played with us and we still have a lot of guys out there-we still got Brandon Browner out there. We still got a lot of guys who play good football and we're happy to see them thrive.

(On his feelings to see all the guys that are out there from the LOB last year) It's incredible-in my time here, we've seen a lot of guys and a lot of them are still starting in this league and I think that's a testament to the development and the talent that we have and also to the kind of work ethic and talent that those guys have and everything that they were able to do. All of them come from pretty tough spots-Ron Parker was undrafted and played safety then had to move to corner and had a back and forth career up until that point. Then it end up coming in handy at Kansas City because he's been able to play both and he's been able to stay on the field and that's exciting.

(On defensive backs' coaches) I think they just bring the best out of you. They force you to use the best of your abilities-if you do a certain thing well, they want to see you do that thing well, they want to continue to see you do that well. They don't try to coach you to do something that you don't do well. A lot of coaches try to box guys in and teach them all the exact same way, the exact same technique, ‘you do this,' whether they do it well or not and I think these guys allow a little bit more leeway-a little bit more freedom to play to your strengths.

(On Kansas City's offense) Well that have some explosive athletes-obviously De'Anthony Thomas and Jamaal Charles can go the distance at any time. I think that's what they play to-[Travis] Kelce is leading the league in YAC [Yards after the catch] and they just get the guys the ball quickly in space and they do something with it. I think they trust their guys to make plays, and they trust them to get yards after the catch and that's how they run their offense effectively.

(On Alex Smith being different than he was with the 49ers) No-I think he's the same quarterback that he was his last couple years. He's very efficient with the ball, he's not going to take a lot of huge shots, he's not going to take a lot of huge risks but he's going to move the ball down field. He's going to get his first downs and he's going to keep the clock moving and I think he's still doing a great job of that.

(On how he analyzes himself in a game) At the end of the day, you look at wins and losses. You look at how the defense is playing; you look at how many explosive [plays] the team has given up. I think guys have always wondered-the game is about touchdowns, you want to see how many touchdowns a guy has given up. You can really tell what kind of season he's having and if he's given up eight or nine touchdowns, I guarantee you he's not having a great season whether he has ten picks or not. You have ten picks and ten touchdowns scored on you, it's still give and take there.

(On playing in cold weather) Well, Seattle's been pretty cold these last couple years so I think I've gotten a little bit more acclimated to the temperature change than when I use to be coming from southern California. I think we played in a forty degree game when I was in high school and we thought that was death. Everyone out there moving like mummies, but I think we've become more accustomed to feeling that weather out here. I think it may be below freezing right now or close to it so it is what it is.

(On how they look at the schedule ahead) It's more indifference-championship opportunity every week. I think the publics and the media's perception is a lot different than the actual perception of the team and the players. I think we look at every game as a tough game-Kansas City is a tough game. Evert team is an NFL team-they have pros, they have big time players so every game is going to be a tough game and it's going to be a grind. I don't think we look at any team as more of a challenge than another team-I think they're all going to be challenging games and that's why you take it one game at a time.

(On how the secondary has been this year) It's been fantastic-guys have been discipline. I think that's what allowed us to stay in ball games and be in ball games until the last minute. Even in the games we've lost, we're still in the ball game until the last second. The Rams game, you get a ball fall your way, you get the ball fall another way-you lose the ball game but I think that has allowed us to fight through these injuries and continue to play at a high level even though we've been banged up. I think we could've been easily banged up and lost some of these games against good teams. We have a lot of young guys playing-a lot of guys without of experience so those games could have went either way, but guys have been playing sound football and that's allowed us to continue to win.

(On him gambling in order to get interceptions) Not really, because if you just continue to play sound football-it will come. Like I've said before, they come in bunches. I think going into week twelve or thirteen I might have had two or three, then I got four in two games. It comes in bunches so you don't really worry about those things. As long as the team is winning and you're doing your job effectively, that's all you can worry about-if the picks come, they come.

(On him spending a lot of time checking on the younger guys) I wouldn't say you'd have to give them more time, you just do your due diligence-you make sure they're prepared, make sure they know the indicators, what to look for, the tendencies that the offense has, and just making sure they're prepared. I think that's our duties as veteran players-to make sure that everyone is prepared, and I think everyone has a hand in that.

(On importance of anticipation as a cornerback) It's incredibly important. I think the speed of this game and everything that comes with it [the rules], you have to have anticipation, you have to have the ability to read plays and the ability to see things before they happen because if you don't, it's going to be a hard day on you.

(On how tough Kam Chancellor has been this season) He's been really tough-he's been tough every season. Every season he's battling injuries-obviously, with the way he plays, it's with incredible reckless abandon, and he plays the game very violently. So he's going to have his fair share of injuries, nicks and bangs here and there-he continues to fight through them. He continues to persevere, and he'll be back out there this week and we appreciate that.  

Kevin Williams:

Kevin Williams Week 11 Press Conference
Seahawks defensive tackle Kevin Williams talks to the media about filling in for Brandon Mebane.


(On how tough is playing defensive tackle without Brandon Mebane) It's big shoes to fill. I mean you guys have seen ‘Bane play the last eight years and you know the things that he does upfront and it's tough. I hate to get increased reps because of that situation but they brought me in to help the d-line play and me, Tony [McDaniel], and Jordan [Hill]-we're going to have to take that role and try to fill those shoes.

(On him starting again) Yes-I don't see it being a big problem. I played a little Nose [Tackle] last year before I got out here so we'll just study some tape, look at different blockers, and be ready.

(On being fresh because of the rotation) It's definitely easier to walk around during the week without taking such a beating on Sunday but once you hit training camp, no lineman is kind of fresh anymore. It's been a big help to share the reps with the guys but I'm anxious to get going this week.

(On challenges of Kansas City run game) They definitely believe in the run game-they have two great running backs with [Jamaal] Charles and Knile Davis running the ball. Great perimeter guys, make you miss if you give them the opportunities. We just have to get off blocks, get to the ball, have a lot of guys around to gang tackle, not putting it on one guy to make the tackle, and I think we'll be fine.

(On what Brandon Mebane does well) He clogs the middle-I told you when I got here that I've played with two really great nose tackles and that's Patrick Williams and Brandon Mebane. They're the key to what we do on defense because you have to look at it-the nose tackle gets two blockers almost every play to hold up the ‘A' gap and make the plays that he makes. He doesn't get the credit for tackles but he makes some plays up front.

(On the challenge of taking on two blockers) You're used to it-if you sign up for d-lineman, you're going to have to take on blocks every play so they're just coming from a different angle now.

(On Jordan Hill) Jordan is working his way back. He had a lot of plays on Sunday, he got a lot of reps, and he's still progressing. He's a young guy and he's coming along-I think he'll be a great player.

(On how much has he played nose tackle) Pretty much in the base defense, we had some guys go down at nose short-week, and I was nominated unfortunately.

(On difference in preparation) Well kind of how we role the d-line here is that everyone is kind of versatile. If you watch, you notice that everyone plays a different spot-no one is in the same spot ever. You have to get your studying at each position and when your number is called you have to be ready.

(On how has it been in Seattle) I've had a lot of fun-definitely being at six wins already is a plus. Coming from Minnesota, we might have three this year, win two this year, might win six this year so it's definitely been a plus as far as winning. I'm playing with a great group of guys and I couldn't ask for anything else.

(On perception of Seahawks) Watching from afar, before I got here, you could tell that they played hard, had fun, and I think they've continued that since I've been here. We've played really hard, sometimes things don't go the way we want all the time but it's a group that plays really hard and really cares about each other and really has true love for each other and you can tell that just being here.

(On choosing to play here with less reps) Well sometimes you have to face reality-you can't play 100 snaps a week or 60 snaps a week going into your 12th season. If you want to play at a high level, you have to cut back on the reps you get and maximize the ones you get and that's kind of the approach I get-if I get five, 10, or 15 reps I want to try and make them the best that I can throw out there.

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