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Seahawks' Pete Carroll, Darrell Bevell, and Dan Quinn talk about upcoming Cardinals slugfest

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Here's what the Seattle Seahawks' coaches said this week in reference to last week's loss to Kansas City and this week's matchup with the Cardinals.

Pete Carroll Week 12 Friday Press Conference

November 21st, 2014:

(On whether the Seahawks want Marshawn Lynch back next season) "If you guys ever would has asked me, which you didn't, if you ever would have asked me, I would have said we want him around here for as long as he can play. And there's never been any hesitation. There's never been another thought about that. That (speculation) came from somewhere else. He's under contract and we would be thrilled to have him playing for us next year. So we will do everything we can to get that done."

Pete Carroll from early Friday Morning:

Dan Quinn Week 12 Press Conference

November 20, 2014

(On how different the Arizona Cardinals look with Drew Stanton) I think when you go through both the games, the attitude and the mindset of the offense is the same--there's contested throws down the field and they've got terrific receivers that can go up and challenge for them so we're really looking forward to that part of the game. Very committed run game in terms of the way they will stay with it in the numbers. We know that from playing this team in our past games against them-not a big difference in terms of the style of offense that they're going to play from what we've seen so far.

(On what John Brown adds to the Arizona Cardinals) I think the speed and he's a factor inside because they can go to the three and four wide receivers sets-that's been a staple for Coach [Bruce] Arians in that system for a long time. Instead of playing three receivers on third down, there's four and five at times. So really, it's the speed and the plays that he can make down the field-that's probably the biggest thing that jumps out. He's made some terrific catches for them and big plays too at the end of the game-certainly somebody that we've been impressed with by watching.

(On the defensive backs being exciting about Arizona taking shots down field) I know this team does, that's for sure. And knowing that, we'd rather have that matchup then some of the guys we've played outside. So it's going to be a heck of a game and knowing that, the fact that they're going to take shots down the field, we're going to contest them so it's going to be awesome environment-one we're ready for and looking forward to.

(On the Arizona Cardinals defense) Yes-we've had their crossover film and I've known Todd [Bowles] for a long time and the aggressive mindset that he coaches with. So yes-as defensive coach, you see a team playing well and getting the ball with turnovers-they're doing a good job at that.

(On the Seahawks run defense) The explosive plays were the things that hurt us the most in the game and what we call explosive is a run that's plus twelve. We're usually pretty tight in that area so for us to have those explosive runs that were long ones and one of them being a touchdown-not good for us in the standard that we got and it's important for us to hit our fits in the way that we play the run game. So it was a combination where we missed some tackles, but really the explosive runs made the difference in the game.

(On missed tackles) For us, anytime there is eight, nine, 10, or 11-that's a lot for us. So big emphasis this week going against another guy who's got real quickness coming out of the back  field in [Andre] Ellington and the way that he can bounce out. So tackling in this game, with Larry [Fitzgerald] and how strong the receivers are, will be at a premium-that part is definitely going to be in effect.

(On not having Brandon Mebane) Well I think from the standpoint of Brandon, I really thought he was playing at his best spot. It wasn't like they were hitting in the A-gap for the plays, they were some explosive plays that hurt us in our scheme and that hurt us on missed tackles. So of course we missed Brandon being out there, but certainly not a function of what we're capable of playing like.

Darrell Bevell Week 12 Press Conference

November 19, 2014

(On Marshawn Lynch) We appreciate everything that Marshawn's doing-he's balling. He's playing great football-running the ball, catching the ball, everything that we ask him to do-he's doing it and the proof is on the field. That's the bottom line-the proof is out there on the field on how well he's playing.

(On the passing game struggles) Like I've said every week coming up here, it all works together. We've had some real nice plays, and then we've had some plays that haven't been there that we thought should have been, but it works together in terms of protection number one. Number two is guys being on time, where they're supposed to be, when they're supposed to be there. Number three is the quarterback making good decisions, making good throws, putting the ball where it needs to be, when it needs to be there as well and all those things have to come together at the right time to be able to do that. So for whatever reason, it's different things at different times-being able to stay in the pocket, trust your protection, trust your read, trust your throws, being able to get open down the field on time and then block the guy that's in front of you. All those things cause that stuff to be off.

(On issues in the red zone) Well we didn't score last week-we've kind of had some good games and some bad games there. We've done a nice job at times-there have been a couple situations. For example,  it was a situation where it was two minute so it was only twenty two seconds when we had a first down so we were trying to make sure that we had all of the plays, so really you're just throwing the ball every time. The run game didn't become a valuable part of it because then you would have run out of plays. So we have to be able to throw and catch and do all of those things. There were a couple opportunities that we had on that one drive where we could of have touchdowns and we didn't make plays and that's basically what it comes down to when you get down in there is being able to capitalize on the opportunities when you have them.

(On did he get the look he wanted on the 4th & two play) Yeah-they did a good job with the defense. They knocked us back-we didn't do a good enough job of gaining the line of scrimmage. That's a play that we've used a number of times in short yardage situations and they did a good job against it.

(On was Doug Baldwin the first option on the goal line play) Well it's a couple options on it-just depends on how the defense presents itself. He could have gone to [Jermaine] Kearse and he could have gone to the other side as well. So it just depends on what the defense looks like.

(On how much does having a short field limit the offense from being on a roll) It doesn't necessarily limit your ability to roll-you can still move the pocket, there's still space to have down there but obviously it's condensed. We talk all the time-things happen faster, you have to throw to spots, the field is condensed so they have to cover less field so you have to be on time with your throws and with your routes. So you just have to be really on it when you're down there.

(On getting Lemuel Jeanpierre back) It's huge-a guy that we love, that's done a great job for us when he's had an opportunity to step in there, that knows the offense-so it's not going to be a big catch up process, but we'll continue to go through the week and see how that goes.

Pete Carroll Week 12 Wednesday Press Conference

November 19, 2014

(Opening) Getting ready for this week, we're looking at an opponent that's really been playing great football. They've been playing tough, overcome a lot, and continue to get stronger, they've won tough, hard, close games and they've come out ahead. They've been really active taking the ball away from their opponents. They're doing a lot of great things. I know they're fired up and this kicks us into the division section of the schedule and there's no better way than to go against the best and they're on top of it. We're looking forward to this matchup. We're feeling a little bit healthier and hopefully we can take advantage of that in some areas and we'll see how it goes, but we're up against it.

(On if LB Bobby Wagner will practice today) He'll practice today. It'll be somewhat limited and we'll find out how he handles it. But he's going today.

(On how C Max Unger is recovering) It's only been a couple of days but he's making progress and he's excited that it's already starting to change. So we'll see what that means but we don't know long range.

(On what the expectation is of the Lemuel Jeanpierre being able to play right away) We'll have to find out today. We'll start the process today and Lem will get out there and show us what-he's retained a lot. We already know that. We've quizzed him pretty well, now he's just got to get back to football playing and it just depends on how he handles it. Patrick [Lewis] is ready to go. He's played for us and jumped in a number of times for us now. So we'll see how Lem does and just let those two guys compete it out and see how it goes. I'm open to him playing this week. I have no problem with that it just depends on how he feels about it.

(On if Jeanpierre is in football shape) He looked good. We got a good feel for that yesterday. He looks like he's ready to go. He's worked very hard to get back.

(On if his health is no longer an issue) No he's in great shape. He's passed the physical with no signs so we're hopeful it'll be okay.

(On what he liked out of DT Travian Robertson) He's a big, big tough guy. We saw him play a lot of nose tackling in preseason and at 324 that's a big ol' body and he's played hard. He has really good recommendations from his coaches and the people that have worked with him in the past about his work ethic and all of that and his attitude. We thought it's a chance and we're going to jump on it and see if he can help us out a little bit through the final stretch here.

(On what Arizona Cardinals do well) They're really a tackling defense. They are very aggressive. They are causing a lot of problems and in that they're not allowing any rushing yardage. They're under 80 yards a game, which is really hard to do at this time of the year. That's one aspect of it. They cover very aggressively, very tight, they have really good corners so they can get away with their one-on-ones and their zero coverage blitz that they throw at you and so they make it real tough there. They're a committed run team. They've run the ball a lot. Not for a lot of yards but they're really committed to continue to run it. We admire that. That's part of the division I guess.

Bruce [Arians] is really holding up their end of it. They get after it. They've also been very committed to throw the ball down the field. They've got very good receivers and a really fast guy John Brown. Can't get any better than Larry [Fitzgerald] and Michael Floyd is a big threat, we know. So they use those guys and they're not at all hesitant with [Drew] Stanton and go ahead and check it and see if he can make the big plays on you. It's a nice mixture of attack from both sides of the ball. You can really feel their attitude.

(On what the key is getting to the quarterback) They seem to have a really good sense for getting the ball out. They know where they want to go with it. The quarterbacks aren't looking around. Carson [Palmer] was the same way. They're very well coached. They know where they want to go and their guys are good enough at getting open. They are really open when they need them and the ball's out on rhythm. They're not running around with it. They're not scrambling and sitting in the pocket with the football at all. Even though they do work the ball down field so they take some deep drops and all but it's coming out on time and on rhythm.

(On how much of a concern depth is along the defensive line) Maybe a little bit less today because we picked up another guy. We're addressing the rotations here to try to maintain if we can. We'll have to see how this week goes because I don't know how Tray (Travian Robertson) is going to do. But we're just trying to maintain enough numbers so we can keep moving our guys in and out.

(On how difficult it is to rotate so many guys in and out) It is not any more difficult than it is for anybody else. At this time of year if we look around our division, our division is pretty well banged up. These guys have overcome some tremendous losses during the season. The 49ers have had a big number of guys coming in and out of their lineup so we're all just dealing with it. It's really about the guys stepping up to the opportunity more than what you lose. We're always looking at what the guys are going to give us and bring us as opposed to what's leaving. Is it hard? I don't know. You'd rather not have it.

We had a much better fortune last year at this time but at this point we could start ten guys that started on defense early in the season. That's about as good as we could hope for. We miss [Brandon] Mebane but it's still not a bad number if Bobby [Wagner] gets out there and Maxy [Byron Maxwell] and those guys are all back out then we're pretty fortunate in that regard so there's an upside to that as well.

(On if you admire what Head Coach Bruce Arians has done) I've really admired what Bruce [Arians] has done whether he was coordinator or not. He's been a really top notch coach at the head of his game for a long time. I think he's perfectly suited to be a head coach in this league. He knows the league really well. He's got a great approach and a great mentality about him. It's no surprise.

I don't know how our division got so darn tough but it just is. I know that he has really added to it and quickly. It only took him half the season to get going last year and then they were rippin' and they were really hard to deal with. I love coaches and I appreciate any of their trials and tribulations to get where they get and to stick as long as they can and guys bounce back. It's a great challenge and he's got great resolve. He knows exactly what he wants to do and I think the message comes across loud and clear.

(On what your evaluation was of DT Kevin Williams filling in) He did alright. He held up his own. The ball was not at the point of attack where he could have been responsible to make some plays and didn't. He did okay. He's a little green at it because there was more scheme-wise than he's used to getting at three technique and at five technique but he handled it well, he's a good square body and did alright.

(On evaluating where the passing game sits currently) It's our style to play off of the running game and there's a lot of play pass and a lot of movement by the quarterback. We encourage Russell [Wilson] to play the way he plays and to get out and create problems for our opponents. The last two weeks we have rushed for over 500 yards. We can gripe about the things we didn't see but we're hoping to be really efficient. We want to be efficient and make sure we can have a good completion percentage that keeps the ball moving for us and then winning on third down.

If we're getting that done then the next thing would go to the Red Zone issues and try to get that done. We're better in the Red Zone than some of the numbers show. We've done a lot of things that have been pretty good. We've scored a lot down there. Those are all part of the throwing game. We're always trying to get better and trying to be more efficient and that's about where I see it fit.

(On LB Bobby Wagner's play number -limited or not) I can't tell you that yet. I don't know. The first thought would be yes, limited somewhat we'll see how he does. When the guys worked him out yesterday they thought he was in phenomenal shape. He breezed through the workout. He's worked really hard to maintain his conditioning level. Let's see what happens though. We won't put him in harm's way but if he's ready to go we'll play him more. We just need to find out. We won't know until game time.

(On not being as concerned about being 20th in touchdowns last year and 14th this year) It's the timing of it. Did you not get it done to win the game? That's what was unfortunate this past week. We have scored a lot of points and we have been active down there and we've done well with the ball. There are a lot of good things down there. Two weeks ago we were five out of six. This week we were two out of five or whatever it was and that wasn't good enough for this game. We didn't win the game. We're always trying to get better. We're trying to hit them all. We'll just keep working at it.

(On if he would rather QB Russell Wilson not be leading the league in yards per attempt rushing) Absolutely not. No no, absolutely not. He got hit one time last week. We should keep track of that as much of anything if we're concerned about it. As long as he continues to run and find space and get out of bounds and get down. That's our style of the way we play. He's brought that uniqueness to us so there's no reason to discourage him from doing that. If it's taking away from another part of our game, then okay. Marshawn [Lynch] has been making tremendous yardage and has a terrific average too. The combined yardage is really special when he's running. We're not worried about that at all. As long as our rhythm is there and again, the efficiency and throwing game we have to keep that up and make sure we're doing that well.

(On RB Marshawn Lynch and the wallet he found) I did hear about the wallet. Just another deed well done.

(On how QB Russell Wilson has been doing when scrambling and being in the pocket long or short enough)There are always plays in the game when we would say how come you got out here. When he does what he does because he's forced or flushed or whatever, we don't have any question about that. We always want him looking down field and try to get the ball down field to the receivers first, which he does.

Sometimes there have been games where it's been so easy for him to escape that he tends to get out and just take advantage of it. There are times there where we encouraging him to hang with it, there's no reason to go. His efficiency is tremendous when he takes off and does that sort of stuff. It's difficult to deal with and we just work with it as we go and make sure we assess this as we go along and hopefully keep him guided well.

(On what Arizona Cardinals defense did so well) They adjusted from the first time we played them really well. We did some things in the first game. We had a pretty big day offensively the first time out and they took some things away in good fashion it was nice adjustments by them. They did run the ball very well. We had plenty of opportunities we took the ball off a ton of times that game and they just kept hanging and hanging.

What they did well in that game was they ran it 47 times I think and they just kept doing it. I don't think they got a ton of yards but for that many attempts but their persistence was really obvious. I think we had four interceptions that game that should have been the difference in that game but Carson [Palmer] was able to make a play with Michael Floyd right at the end and won the football game. We allowed the game to be so close that a great play can make a difference and they did it. Great job by them.

(On the elements in Bruce Arians passing game that makes it tough to defend) He's like an old soul in the league. He really understands concepts and the principles and the good stuff that's difficult for you to defend. He knows how to stay in constant motion with that to stay ahead. He doesn't just keep doing the same stuff all the time. They have a real confidence about going for it. That's instilled in their quarterback. So you can see it as soon as Drew comes on the field when Carson gets hurt and bang they're going right after you. They're not hesitating. That's the mentality that they have to go along with the great system that they have. It's as well designed as anything we've faced.

(On if G James Carpenter is on track to come back this week) James [Carpenter] is going today in limited fashion and we'll see how that works out. This is his first official day back so we just have to take it as it comes but we're excited to see him back out there.

(On LB Brock Coyle and CB Marcus Burley's status) Brock Coyle will go today. He feels pretty good. He's scheduled to get a good amount of work to see how he handles it. Marcus [Burley] will not make it back today.

(On if CB Jeremy Lane not playing defense was health related) He was a little sore going into the game so we just thought we'd make sure and with the weather conditions we didn't want to take a chance with him if we didn't have to. He was there as a backup and he played special teams.

(On the players relying on swagger) They're pretty confident now. Our guys are still confident. They're holding on to the hope that we can continue to play good football and the chance to finish the season in great fashion. They're going to be very strong about going after this game right now. They realize how crucial it is right now as the division begins. You feel better when you do well, that's part of it.

(On handling the back-loaded schedule) I think there's so much at stake coming up here in the next month and a half that everything's still out there and everybody's got to win and I think this is a great time to be watching NFL games if you're really tuned in to it. Because of the matchups and the every game will be so crucial and everybody has a chance to do it. Everybody is feeling like that. The Rams feel it too, and the Niners, we're all feeling the same thing. There's a lot out there. We know we have to do it one week at a time and with Arizona starting and that's the only game in the world that matters. I think it's a really cool time of the year.

(On how he feels the offense is playing) We've not been as consistent as we would like. We've been very tuned in to running the football and doing a really good job there. The whole running scheme is really coming to life. Meaning that the quarterback run and all that stuff is fitted together. We feel very confident in the roles that we have our guys in and what they can do I think Doug [Baldwin] has really shown he is really doing a great job for us when we keep him inside. He's been very consistent for us. [Jermaine] Kearse continues to make his plays and the young guys continue to fit it. I'd like to get a little more of Ricardo [Lockette]. He has not been as much of a factor but he's a guy that we're looking for to always be a part of it just hasn't quite happened. I think we're okay.

(On if he is concerned about RB Marshawn Lynch being fined $100,000 for not talking to media) I'm aware of it. It's the rules. I'm aware of it.

(On WR John Brown in the draft class) We knew about it. The name came up because his speed was so obvious and all that. They got a great pick in him. Gosh darn he's done a fantastic job. Really explosive just as you've seen in the highlights but when you see him play after play you really appreciate what the guy can do. He made a lot of big plays for them this year.

(On what QB Drew Stanton brings as a quarterback) He's got a big arm. He's confident. At times he looks just like him, even when he's delivering the ball. He's taking on some traits. I go through that they have confidence in him to do what he's doing. They have trust in this guy so that they know he's a productive football player. He's tough enough to run and takeoff when he has to. We have to deal with all of the problems that their offense brings you, whether it's Carson [Palmer] or Drew [Stanton]. They're both dealing it out and it looks really good.

(On how FB/DT Will Tukuafu did on defense and whether to keep using him on both sides)He'll continue to play on both sides. He did fine. He just had a handful of plays. He played really hard. He's a very big motor guy and chases the ball real well. He did well for us. He'll be in that same role.

(On what the Arizona loss last December did on a positive or negative do for the team moving forward) I think anytime you have a streak like that you get disappointed. It was disappointing we couldn't maintain that. It was right there to be done and we couldn't finish the game the way we wanted to. It reminds you that it's not automatic when you're home and you have to fight your tail off to keep your head above the water there. It was a good illustration to us of how tough the division is. For them to overcome all of the things they had to overcome and still win the game was a big statement for them.

(On if he is surprised Arizona is as good as they are this year with many players missing they had last year) I think it's a great accomplishment by their coaches and their players. Those guys are really good players. They have not skipped a beat and they seem to be playing better. Larry [Foote] has had a lot to do with it and his attitude that he brings and the style of play that he brings. Deone Bucannon has been a big factor for them too, putting the pup in there and the way they use him. He's been a big factor to go along with the other guys. It's a big accomplishment I think to have overcome that. I think it's really obvious. That's coaches and that's players and that's attitude and all that good stuff.

(On what he thought when the schedule came out with Arizona and San Francisco back to back in five days) I saw it like I'm conveying to you now that I think it's a really cool way to have the schedule come out. We never worry about a short week there's nothing we can do about it. Somebody in the NFL office figures that out and we just have to deal with it. This is what it is. Somebody's got to play the Thursday night games and we get the call so we got to do it. It won't matter for the ‘Niners and for us and when it comes time for that week we just crunch it and we go play and we try to benefit from the break that happens afterwards but I think this is NFL football at its best during the regular season. This is as good as it gets. We're going to try to make the most of it.

Pete Carroll Week 12 Monday Press Conference

November 17, 2014

(Opening) As we go back and look at this game, we see a really highly competitive game. We saw a really good game plan by Kansas City. They did a nice job. They really came in and ran the football at us and did a good job of it. We really were impressed with Jamaal's [Charles] game and the way he maneuvered around the field. It came out to a game that we had plenty of chances. We had really good opportunities to win this football game. Got ahead in the second half and had a chance to hold that and had a chance to get it back a couple times and it was unfortunate that we weren't able to get that done. It was frustrating that we weren't.

This is one of those games where you see all those statistics and they don't tell you the story of this game necessarily and the big runs by those guys really were the difference in the game for us. But statistically, it was somewhat of an unbalanced game so hopefully we can pick up from here and get back to going here. This last six-week surge here in the schedule will be incredible matchups for everybody in our division, for sure and it gives everybody a great opportunity to do something really good with this season. We're going to go for it and it starts off with Arizona. We've already taken a look at those guys; of course, we've seen them all throughout the year and that's going to be a great challenge. They're having a great year too so it's a big week for us right now.

(On any update on Max Unger) Yeah. Max has a high ankle sprain and he did twist his knee a little bit too and it looks like it's a three week/four week type of deal.

(On what he can say about the visit from the DEA) Really, there's nothing I can say because the league has already commented about it. I wouldn't know what to tell you but they did visit us and we took care of business and we complied with everything they needed.

(On if he can characterize if it was a short visit) I don't even know. We just got on the plane. I don't even know what took place but I've been informed that everything went fine.

(On if missing Brandon Mebane yesterday was a big factor or was it other issues) We were not as precise with our fits and that's why some of those runs got out. That had to do with missed fits here and there, that I think some guys in new places, did affect us a bit. We have been so steady with Brandon for so long that that allowed other guys to play in their spots. It wasn't so much at the nose tackle spot, it was just other guys having to fill in and all so our rotations didn't work out as sharp as we would like but it wasn't just the guys up front. We needed to fit the whole running game better than we did but you can't not miss a guy like that, he's just that special of a player.

(On with Max Unger out, if he has to do something to add a center) We will see what we're doing here in the next couple of days. We will let you know.

(On the plan with Bobby Wagner and if he will play this week) Bobby had a great workout at the game and he had a great one again today. That puts him in position to practice on Wednesday. We will see how he does and see how he takes it. He will have a chance to play this week if all goes well for him which would be awesome. We've missed him for so long; I can't even remember the last time he played. It will be great to have him back.

(On what he thought when he went back and saw the pass to Doug Baldwin in the end zone) Well, they switched off. I don't know if they meant to or they did it on the fly but they switched off and bumped into him, knocked him off course. It was not a major hit but he couldn't get to the ball because he got knocked so that means to me that he was interfered with trying to make the catch. I don't know how the league will come back on that one but as incidental as it is, it still got in the way of him making a clean shot at catching the football and the ball was thrown inbounds and all that so it wasn't clearly overthrown or anything like that so I don't know. I have no explanation of it but it was a mistake to bump into him. They weren't trying to do that but it happened and he was on his way to catching a touchdown pass so it's unfortunate.

(On how he evaluates the passing game performance yesterday overall) Well, we were really close to having a game that would have been very satisfactory. We had a chance to get a couple touchdown shots down there when we were close and if any of those happened or if both of them happened - we're in great shape. I think it was a resourceful game like we've seen Russell [Wilson] play. He made the most of his opportunities to get out of the pocket and picked up really valuable yardage. We were close to being 50% on third-downs so that's close to a day that we shoot for. It could always be better. We could always take more advantages of shots. We had guys open that we didn't quite get the ball to that we need to but all in all, we were in position to win the football game, and we just need to catch the ball and throw the ball and get that done.

(On if James Carpenter will play this week) Carp has a real chance too. Yeah, he's excited about his opportunity to get back. He's going to try and go Wednesday. We will see what that means.

(On if it is still true that they got out of the game without any injuries other than Max Unger) Yeah, it looks like it. The guys that went in that were coming off injuries all came out in pretty good shape, Jeremy Lane and some of the guys. Brock [Coyle] looks like he will be able to get back this week as well so we will see how that goes. [Marcus] Burley has a chance too so we could have decisions to make on the final roster which is a good thing and we will see if we can get to that.

(On how Marshawn Lynch is doing and he if refers to him as banged up) Yeah, he's just been banged up. It's classic wear and tear on a guy that plays the game the way he plays. We had to give him an extra day last week before we practiced him and we will see how it goes this week. I think it's pretty typical and he's been one to really be able to endure it over the past few years.

(On what caused Marshawn Lynch to stay out at halftime) He had a little episode there-he tightened up. He's had back issues well before we ever got him. He's always been able to manage it. It's really ever kept him out of one game in our history but it's an ongoing process for him and he knows it better than any of us and he knows how to deal with it. He's been able to get through it so he got worked and stretched the whole time trying to get ready. He came out and played like crazy again in the second half. He had a fantastic football game-he was lights out.

(On reading anything into Marshawn Lynch not going in the locker room at halftime) No-he was just trying to survive the day. He was trying to get through it so he could play for his team and it worked out. He had a good first half and he came back and ripped it in the second half as well so it was a good plan.

(On Max Unger injury being season-ending) We don't know that yet. We have to wait and see how he responds-high ankle sprains are all different. Luke [Willson] had a second degree high ankle sprain in practice on Wednesday. So that's way off the charts for these usually and usually they can linger so you don't know how they come back. Max hasn't had one of these before so it's the first time through it and he'll have to figure it out as we go. It's a second degree sprain so it's legit and we have to take care of him.

(On how Kam Chancellor played) He played solid ball-the ball kind of stayed away from him a lot. It wasn't coming his way much, but he got through the game and he was chasing the football a lot.

(On how Malcolm Smith played) A little rusty-a couple tackles he could have made, a couple fits that he could have had, and missing adjustments. He wasn't as sharp as he would be-we kind of understand that he's coming back out so he'll play a lot better. He had some good hits and got going once the game got going, and he needed to kind of get going again and he did.

(On possibly Lemuel Jeanpierre being an option to sign) He's been out there for some time-we know he's out there. So of course he is-everybody is an option.

(On how hard are the next games coming up) It's a one game-shot right now-we got to go get Arizona. These guys are flying high and we got to see if we can find a way to stop them and score on these guys. Then, we'll take it to the next one-I'm really excited about the way this thing sets up. I think most of the people should be with all of the drama still out there about the division. I don't know if everybody's schedule worked out this way but we're as loaded as you can get down the stretch and it'll be exciting for everyone.

(On did he second guess himself on any of the 4th downs) Well yeah-I would have liked to have converted on them and try something else. The situation down there to go for it with time left on the clock was a thought that, ‘I've been in this situation before where-if you don't make it you put the defense back out there with them backed up in a game that's that close, usually it's a big challenge for the offense to get out because they're concerned about making a mistake down there.' So we took advantage of that after we didn't convert and we get the ball at mid-field and here we go again with plenty of time left. So that was really the plan-we had two good shots to win the football game with great field position and unfortunately they did a great job of keeping us out of the end zone.

(On Tony Moeaki) Well it was really exciting for him get a chance to score-he ran a perfect route and Russell [Wilson] delivered a perfect ball to him in that situation. He's just getting going and we're going to lean on him more. We think he could be a factor to help us-he was in and out of the game and didn't get many chances to get the ball his way but he will as we move ahead. We're real excited about him.

(On Doug Baldwin being the kickoff returner) We'll see-he had a couple nice shots at it. We just want to make sure that we're using all of our weapons and we'll just go back to competing for it this week.

(On teams similarly attacking with shorter passes) They didn't push the ball down field much-they were very productive with the running game early on so that allows you to stay with that, but you can tell that they weren't out to throw the ball all over the field, they wanted to see if they could run it. I don't know what gave them that thought because we had been playing the run pretty well but they were right on that-they had a good day on it. Yes-it was similar and the difference was we did a terrific job of taking the ball off of them. The two turnovers that led to 10 points should have been the big difference in this game-generally it is, it's rare when it isn't. Those were both turnovers that I was really fired up about and that's what they were trying to avoid. They were trying to avoid the big turnovers and the big plays that can change the game and they were able to withstand them to their credit.

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