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Cigar Thoughts, Episode 3

Jacson and Brent analyze Seattle's huge win over Arizona and preview the Thanksgiving showdown in San Francisco.

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Welcome back. Here is the third episode of the Cigar Thoughts Broadcast, live from the Cigar Lounge at Silver Reef. Tune in as Brent and I take a look at:

*The Seahawks big victory over the Cardinals
*The re-establishment of Seattle as the #1 defense in the NFL
*The return of Bobby Wagner
*The effect of Russell Wilson on a struggling offense
*Playoff picture and updated odds
*Updated DVOA rankings
*A look ahead to the massive Thanksgiving night game against the 49ers


Cigar Talk Episode 2 from Lummi Communications on Vimeo.

And, as always, feel free to come on out and watch live every Tuesday night at 6:30pm. It's a beautiful place and the hospitality is sensational and it's been really cool to meet some readers at the show. Also, the "Episode 2" title on the video is a slight misprint as this is the third episode. The first two, as well as all of the Cigar Thoughts articles can be found in the Cigar Thoughts hub right here.

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