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Seahawks listens: Pete Carroll, Dan Quinn, Richard Sherman, Michael Bennett, Kevin Pierre-Louis, Tharold Simon, Kevin Norwood, and more

Steve Dykes

Here's a roundup of interviews and pressers from the last few days. Listen in.

Pete Carroll:

Dan Quinn:

Dan Quinn Week 10 Press Conference
Seahawks defensive coordinator Dan Quinn talks with the media as his team prepares to face Eli Manning and the Giants.

Russell Wilson:

Russell Wilson Week 10 Press Conference

Quarterback Russell Wilson talks about improving his passing game, having Max Unger back on the field, the Giants defense, and gives his opinion of Tony Moeaki.

Michael Bennett:

Michael Bennett Week 10 Press Conference

Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett talks top the media about Marshawn Lynch's touchdown play against the Raiders, the Giants offense, and what it's like speaking at the podium during press conferences.

Richard Sherman:

Ricardo Lockette:

Bruce Irvin:

Brock Coyle:

Kevin Pierre-Louis:

Kevin Norwood:

Tharold Simon:

J.R. Sweezy:

Bryan Walters:

Richard Sherman: