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Louchiez Purifoy released by Seahawks before he could even catch a fish at Pike Place Fish Market

Have you seen those fish at Pike Place Fish Market?

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

The Seattle Seahawks waived cornerback Louchiez Purifoy on Monday, a mere three days after they claimed him on waivers from the Indianapolis Colts. The Seahawks said Purifoy failed his physical, which makes enough sense to be true since Purifoy was listed as having a concussion the week prior with Indy.

Seattle had placed Kevin Pierre-Louis in injured reserve in order to make room for Purifoy but have not announced a corresponding move yet, as noted in that tweet above I'm just realizing. Thanks, Crabby.

Really, Carroll could go in any direction here. The moved a linebacker off of the roster to add a corner and have never really corresponded one position for another in these situations. When it's the last few guys on the roster, it's all about finding hidden talents. Purifoy clearly didn't work out, but who knows what's coming next. (Setting myself up for a handy "update" addendum when the news breaks.)