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Cigar Thoughts Broadcast, Episode 5: Now With More Scruffy Lefty

Field Gulls legend Joel Bergsma joins Jacson for this week's episode of Cigar Thoughts, live from the Cigar Lounge at Silver Reef

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Welcome back. With my erstwhile co-host Brent out of town for the week, I asked early Field Gulls hero and .king of the .gifs Joel Bergsma, aka Scruffy lefty, to join me on air. To my delight, he agreed and it turns out he's great. So tune in as we talk about:

*The Seahawks huge win over the Eagles
*The development of the players like Jordan, Hill, Tharold Simon, Paul RichardsonRobert Turbin, and Christine Michael
*Russell Wilson's extraordinary season

*Doug Baldwin's best game
*The philosophical value of Earl Thomas
*Next week's chance to bury the 'Hawks-49ers rivalry
*Updated DVOA ranks and playoff odds
*And more

(Video starts at the 4:30 mark -- sorry for the extraordinary inconvenience of dragging the play bar half an inch.)

Cigar Thoughts at the Cigar Lounge Episode 5 from Lummi Communications on Vimeo.

As always, a huge thank you to everyone at The Cigar Lounge at Silver Reef for the hospitality and support. Y'all really should come check it out. It's beautiful.

For this week's Cigar Thoughts, article, click HERE. For all the Cigar Thoughts ever, click HERE.Thanks for watching, we'll see you next week!

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