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Seahawks sign DL David King off of Bengals practice squad

John Grieshop/Getty Images

The Seahawks have signed DT/DE David King off of Cincinnati's practice squad. The 6'4, 275 to ~300 pound lineman was drafted by the Eagles out of Oklahoma in the 7th round in 2013, but ended up with the Bengals this season. King was a guy that I had my eye on during the pre-draft process two seasons ago because of his size and athletic profile.

The 1-1.5 sigma SPARQ score is encouraging and per Zach's database, he's got nice length with 34" arms. King will replace Demarcus Dobbs on the Seahawks' active roster and while Dobbs' move hasn't yet been announced Allen Bradford on the Seahawks' roster. Demarcus Dobbs sticks around at least for a while, but he's working through a severe ankle injury so it may be very tough for him to get back on the field this year. L

ook for King to work in as a rotational end and a core special teams contributor. Just ancedotally, I've always liked how the Bengals identify and develop talent on the defensive line, so this is an interesting add. The Seahawks also grabbed Clinton McDonald from the depth on Cincy's defensive line chart, and that move turned out well. Hopefully the Seahawks can strike gold twice there.

Here's some tape on King from his time at Oklahoma. He's #90, and plays both inside and outside, ala Michael Bennett.

From his NFL Draft Profile:

STRENGTHS Athletic, versatile lineman who has played inside and outside for the Sooners. Holds the edge well in the run game, knows his responsibilities outside, potentially giving him a chance at strong-side end. Can two-gap effectively, has upper-body strength to violently punch to get off blocks in either direction. Flashes some initial quickness off the snap, uses his length to pressure outside shoulders of tackles. Most effective as a pass rusher inside, using his length and quickness to at least challenge college guards. Keeps his eye on the quarterback during his rush, will get his hands up in passing lanes. Occasionally shows the hustle down the line to wrap up ballcarriers from behind when unblocked.

WEAKNESSES Might be seen as an outside-inside tweener at the next level. Has not made many plays during his career, mostly because his overall hustle and closing speed outside the box are average. Also inconsistent getting off blocks when really needing to make a play, whether lining up at tackle or end. Can be moved in the upper body when playing inside, gets his shoulders turned. Not an explosive pass rusher when outside, relies on strength and doesn't get the corner regularly against better tackles. Runs tall, might lack the ability to change directions on containment responsibilities and to break down against quicker NFL running backs.

BOTTOM LINE King has always had talent, but until his junior season, he found it difficult to first get on the field, and then to keep a starting job. His flashes in 2011 (31 tackles, four for loss, two sacks) as a versatile end/tackle swing player, however, made it very possible that 2012 is the year where he breaks out for Oklahoma - and asserts himself as a potential NFL player capable of lining up for 3-4 or 4-3 teams.