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Cigar Thoughts Broadcast, Episode 6: Seahawks Sweep 49ers

Jacson is joined by former offensive lineman Matt Nichols who helps break down the Seahawks - 49ers game from an in-depth, Xs & Os perspective.

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Welcome back. For this edition of Cigar Thouhgts, I was extremely fortunate to be joined by Matt Nichols, who was All-Conference as a center at Pacific Lutheran University and helped them win the 1999 National Championship under Hall of Fame coach Frosty Westering. Matt has an unbelievable understanding of the game of football and fills a notebook with observations on every Seahawks game he watches. He helps me break down the Seahawks - 49ers game from an angle that I never could. Other things we cover:

*What drives/unifies the Seahawks defense
*Key plays, including Russell Wilson's worst and best play all in one
*Is the Seahawks - 49ers rivalry over as we've known it?
*Look ahead to the NFC West showdwn with the Cardinals
*An examination of the current playoff picture and it's myriad of possibilities

Again, I want to thank the generosity and hospitality of the Cigar Lounge at Silver Reef for sponsoring, feeding, and providing for us during the show. It's worth noting that the Silver Reef will be opening their Event Center and Theater Room for this Sunday night's Seahawks - Cardinals tilt at 5:30, so come on out for a really unique viewing experience.

Cigar Thoughts at the Cigar Lounge at the Silver Reef Episode 6 from Lummi Communications on Vimeo.

As always, you can find every episode and every article of Cigar Thoughts by clicking the Cigar Thoughts Hub link below. A little issue with the mic levels but we're getting close to having all the technical issues ironed out.

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