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Seahawks schedule 2015: A look at Seattle's opponents next season

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

The Seahawks are in the middle of working on beating the Cardinals this week to clinch a playoffs berth, but that doesn't mean we can't look ahead to the 2015 NFL season for sh*ts and giggles. The NFL's schedule works on a rotational basis -- and if you want the details of that I've included a screenshot of that here:


So, based on all this, we know most of Seattle's opponents for the 2015 season, save for the intraconference games against the NFC South and NFC East. Once standings are cemented, we'll be able to ascertain the full slate of opponents.

Before that though, we know that Seattle's opponents will include teams from the AFC North and the NFC North. Let's look at what that means:

At home, in addition to the normal Rams, Cardinals, and Niners games, Seattle will play host to the Bears, Lions, Browns, Steelers, and the correspondingly ranked team from the NFC South. (I.e., if Seattle wins the division, they'll face the NFC South's winner, if they get 2nd in the NFC West, they'll face the 2nd ranked team in the South).

Storylines for this would be, 1) yay! finally a home game against the Bears (who are probably going to get blown up in the offseason with a new staff and possibly a new quarterback), 2), whoa, a homecoming for Golden Tate! 3), Johnny Football! and 4) Big Ben and yet another rematch of Super Bowl XL.

Seattle could also see the return of the Saints to CenturyLink Field or may finally get to host the Panthers instead of going there for the eighteenth straight season (seemingly).

On the road, in addition to the normal trips to San Francisco, Arizona, and St. Louis, the Seahawks will head to Lambeau Field to play the Packers, to Minneapolis to play the Vikings, Baltimore to face off against the Ravens, and Cincy to play the Bengals.

Additionally, they'll travel to an NFC East team -- either Philly or Dallas.

Storylines for that slate could include 1), yet another matchup against the Packers so we can bring the Fail Mary back up, 2) the Vikings-Seahawks player pipeline connection  3), a trip to face off against a similarly styled Ravens team with a scout-GM calling the shots, and 4) a rematch between A.J. Green and Richard Sherman.

Which games look the juiciest to you?