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NFL, college football Saturday open thread

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

There is NFL football today. Philly vs. Washington, San Diego vs. San Francisco -- talk about them. There are also a few bowl games, so if you're watching those, talk about them too.

As for Seahawks' rooting interests, here's what our own Tim Connolly had to say this week:

Saturday afternoon: Eagles (9-5) at Redskins (3-11)
We were Eagles fans last week, as they represented an opportunity to push Dallas a game behind us and put a division leader in the NFC East that the Seahawks own a tiebreaker against. But since they lost, and now they represent the potential spoiler for Seattle's playoff aspirations, we want that torch snuffed. Go Redskins.

(Also, the Niners game doesn't affect Seattle's Playoffs standing... but I suppose you could root for them to win so they don't get as high of a Draft pick... but that would feel weird).