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NFL Playoffs picture: Seahawks clinch NFL Playoff spot, have inside track to #1 seed

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Cowboys rolled the Colts at home today and their win guarantees the Seahawks a Playoff berth. This will be the Seahawks' third straight trip to the Playoffs and their fourth appearance in the five years under Pete Carroll. The Playoffs seeding still has some working out to be done, but know this: the Seahawks still have a shot at the #1 seed.

Per our own Tim Connolly, here's a look at the Playoffs picture following Sunday's action:


Here's how it works:

Seattle now controls their own destiny for the #1 seed (almost). With their win over the Cardinals, they now just need a win next week against the Rams to almost certainly wrap up the top spot and homefield advantage throughout the Playoffs. There is just one small caveat that still applies: If the Cowboys win next week and the Lions and Packers tie, the three-way tie-breaker will not apply, and Dallas would finish ahead of the Seahawks by way of their head-to-head matchup (which Dallas won earlier this year). If the Cowboys lose to Washington next week, it will be moot because the Hawks hold tie-breakers over the Packers and Lions.

So, in other words, if the Seahawks beat the Rams next week, the only way they will not have the #1 seed is if the Packers and Lions tie. The odds of that are minuscule, though, so I'm comfortable saying the Hawks are in the driver's seat for the #1 seed if they can take care of their own business against the Rams.