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Community Scouting the Friday, December 26 CFB Bowls

Heart of Dallas (Illinois v. La Tech, 1pm EDT), Quick Lane (Rutgers v. UNC, 4:30pm EDT), and Bitcoin St. Petersburg (NC State v. UCF, 8:00pm EDT)

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SB Nation Bowl Previews

Prospects to Watch

Zaxby's Heart of Dallas Bowl

Illinois Louisiana Tech
No rated prospects at No rated prospects at

Note: this might be a game with no drafted prospects, but probably some UDFA types to pay attention to: (Illinois: WR, Martize Barr; La Tech: DT, DeAngelo Brooks).

Quick Lane Bowl (Rutgers)

Rutgers North Carolina

  • Tyler Kroft, TE, 6'5" #240 -- Joker TE.
  • Kaleb Johnson, LG, 6'4" #305 -- Guard prospect with good size and over 35 starts in a pro-style offense.

  • Ethan Farmer, DT, 6'3" #295 -- Redshirt senior with a number of starts. Farmer has flashed but has been inconsistent.

Bitcoin St. Petersburg Bowl

North Carolina State University of Central Florida

No prospects rated at

  • T.Y. McGill, DT, 6'1" #289 -- Senior rotational tackle; maybe he flips to offense?

No prospects rated at

  • Rannell Hall, WR, 6'1" #200 -- Hall is a big-play WR with really good size and speed. He was overshadowed by Perriman's breakout year. He's been an all-CUSA kick returner too.
  • Breshaud Perriman, WR, 6'2", #214 -- Perriman really broke out this year as a junior and could declare. Inconsistent hands but makes very tough catches. Likely to be the most highly rated by the scouts of the UCF trio of WRs.
  • JJ Worton, WR, 6'2", #211 -- Kind of a poor man's Golden Tate, a "possession+" receiver who can make big plays out of the slot or outside. (You may recall his ridiculous one-handed catch vs. Temple that put Blake Bortles on the map.) Also like Tate, he's a VERY good punt returner.