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Which player on the Eagles would you most like to grab for the Seahawks?

One Sanchize to save the franchise?

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Well, let's just get this out of the way first and say of course we all want Mark Sanchez, but let's not be that obvious.

Even though the Philadelphia Eagles were a pre-season favorite to do some damage this year, I still feel like they've kind of snuck up on the league as a potential Super Bowl champion. They've been flying under the radar -- perhaps because their quarterbacks have been playing so poorly -- but after 12 games, the Eagles are 6-0 at home and 9-3 overall. They've lost three road games: at San Francisco, at Arizona, at Green Bay.

They are fourth in scoring and total offense, fifth in turnovers forced, and fourth in point differential. This has gotten them to first in the NFC East, but it also masks the fact that they have turned the ball over more than any team in the NFL. They are great at some things and they are kind of terrible at some other things, but overall Philly has some extremely talented players and that makes it very difficult to choose only one that I would like to see on the Seattle Seahawks.

Jason Peters is arguably the best tackle in the NFL and has gone from undrafted in 2004 to a potential Hall of Famer. Having him protect Russell Wilson and block for Marshawn Lynch could be absolutely reblockulus. Right tackle Lane Johnson gives Philly the best tackle combo in the league and I would like either one of them to step up and take a spot on the o-line.

Connor Barwin has blownt up this year, accumulating 12.5 sacks, all in the last nine games. After five years of being good but largely unnoticed, he's become a pass-rush best this season. He could slide in on defense right away and give the Seahawks D exactly what they need to go from great to great-great.

Seattle needs a tight end in the worst way and the Eagles are hording two of them in Zach Ertz and Brent Celek. Ertz is younger and more prolific in the passing game but Celek is experienced and a better blocker. He'd be a guy that helps us forget about the loss of Zach Miller. Even though Tony Moeaki is everyone's favorite player right now, Ertz or Celek would be an upgrade that this organization has been looking for for years. (Is it apparent yet that Chip Kelly and Howie Roseman have built an exceptional roster. They didn't snag Celek and Peters, but we are just scratching the surface.)

Darren Sproles is just so clearly a Pete Carroll guy. They want a shifty, sneaky, athletic guy to complement Beast Mode and I wonder if they even inquired on Sproles in the offseason. Of course, I'm sure that if Lynch does leave in the offseason, having a two-years-younger LeSean McCoy wouldn't hurt either.

Overall however, the hardest thing that the Seahawks will have to overcome to make a deep postseason run is their lack of a vertical passing game. I think Wilson has managed to overcome the lack of a great offensive line or tight end to the best of his abilities, but this team sorely needs a playmaking receiver that can get downfield and do great things, or even someone who can just catch it midfield and then do great things. Doug Baldwin is great at making stupendous catches, but he's not your typical deep threat or YAC guy. Jermaine Kearse can get a little bit downfield, but he's not tall or consistent. Kevin Norwood and Paul Richardson are just too raw to understand or contribute at a high level.

For those reasons, I think the player that I would most like to see on Seattle from Philly is wide receiver Jeremy Maclin. He's 26 years old, 6', 200 lbs, makes excellent catches, and has returned from missing last season due to injury to put up 71 catches and 1,088 yards. He has caught nine touchdowns.

Seahawks receivers have combined to catch five touchdowns this year.

I wouldn't say there's "no question" in my mind that I would take Maclin over the other players mentioned but I certainly wouldn't be mad about it. He could really make the kind of difference that erases a lot of doubt about Seattle's chances to repeat. And maybe they will get their chance ...

Maclin is a free agent after the season. I wonder if the Seahawks can afford him and Sanchez.