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Coffee & Cigarettes: Seahawks links for Tuesday

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David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

Congratulations to the Seattle Seahawks and their fans on winning Super Bowl XLVIII. With the win, Seattle has confirmed its status as one of the greatest defenses in NFL history. The Seahawks defense produced a game for the ages on Sunday: facing Peyton Manning, Demaryius Thomas, and one of the greatest offenses ever, Seattle’s defense outscored Denver’s offense, 9-8. Led by Malcolm Smith, Cliff Avril, Kam Chancellor, Earl Thomas and Richard Sherman, the Seahawks stamped their claim with the ’85 Bears, ’00 Ravens, and ’02 Bucs as one of the greatest defenses of the last 30 years.

Excited Seahawks Fan Goes Naked From The Waist Down On Live TV [NSFW]
An enthusiastic fan in Seattle found his way onto that city's Fox affiliate KCPQ tonight, and did so without wearing any pants. Or underwear.

The 2014 Super Bowl, or why the NFL always wins -
Is Pete Carroll going to change the NFL with the world champion Seattle Seahawks? Maybe, maybe not. Steven Godfrey went to New Jersey, and found a coach and a team content to enjoy their moment.

No fury like Carroll's Seahawks in Super Bowl; right, Broncos? -
This 43-8 wipeout of Denver in Super Bowl XLVIII was the culmination of Seahawks coach Pete Carroll's dream, the one derailed when he was fired after only one year with the Jets and fired again after three years with the Patriots, none of them losing seasons. This was the culmination of his dream even after he went to Southern California, where he didn't reinvent himself so much as he established just what he could do, if given the chance. Given the chance, he could win it all.

Super Bowl 2014: How Seahawks defense discovered and exploited Peyton Manning's tell |
It began the Monday morning after the NFC Championship. Seattle Seahawks defensive coordinator, Dan Quinn and the rest of the coaches on his side of the ball, began poring over the hours and hours of game tape of the Denver Broncos. Preseason games, all 16 regular-season games, their two postseason games. All of it being mined carefully and meticulously for the slightest little detail

Seahawks' Super Bowl win a slam dunk - Stats & Info Blog - ESPN
Their first defensive snap resulted in a safety. Their first offensive drive produced points. Their kickoff return to start the second half was a touchdown. In all phases of the game, the Seattle Seahawks dominated the Denver Broncos in winning Super Bowl XLVIII, 43-8.

Pete Carroll: We really have an eye on what’s coming | ProFootballTalk
"The first meeting that we’ll have will be tomorrow. That starts tomorrow. Our guys would be surprised if we didn’t," Carroll said at his press conference in Manhattan. "We really have an eye on what’s coming, and that we don’t dwell on what just happened. We’ll take this in stride, and we’ll have a big celebration on Wednesday in town and enjoy the heck out of it. Everybody will enjoy the heck out of it. We won’t miss the fun part of it, but that doesn’t mean we can’t set our sights on how this is going to go. They would be surprised if it was anything other than that. I think we are in a very fortunate situation."

Seahawks’ margin of victory biggest by underdog in Super Bowl history | ProFootballTalk
It may not have looked like it on the field, but in the sports books of Nevada, the Seahawks’ rout of the Broncos on Sunday night was an upset. Denver, after all, was a 2.5-point favorite.

Denver’s Super Bowl loss was a total team failure in every phase | The MMQB with Peter King
It was another big-game loss for Peyton Manning, but the blame for the Broncos’ 43-8 Super Bowl humiliation extends across the board, to every aspect of the team’s performance: coaching, preparation and execution

The Seattle Seahawks and Penn State Football - Black Shoe Diaries
You really thought I'd be able to resist?

Russell Wilson among Seahawks who weren't heavily recruited -
With National Signing Day approaching, here's a look at five Seattle Seahawks starters whose college signings were met with little fanfare.

The Seahawks win the Super Bowl: Deserve had nothing to do with it -
Like everyone else in sports, the Seahawks don't deserve anything. So instead of waiting, they just took what they wanted.

Richard Sherman, though hobbled, celebrates SB 48 win late into night | The MMQB with Peter King
"A good offense that has really studied film and really done its due diligence will see plays that other teams have had success with and install them as a surprise," Sherman says. "Brandon Browner got beat in Arizona on posts from two outside receivers, and flats from the slot receivers. And they were the only team that ran it. Kam was the safety and he tried to undercut the post and they just banged it in there. Denver had never run it, and they put it in because of Arizona. That’s chess.

Pete Carroll likens Super Bowl XLVIII to "an avalanche" | ProFootballTalk
"I think as we have seen in the past, sometimes games go, and sometimes it can be kind of like an avalanche," Carroll said. "The scores start happening. Field position just tilts and everything goes your way. We were really ready. We were really ready for the opportunities. The first score, we had nothing to do with that one. [The safety] was just unfortunate for them on the snap and all. From that point on, we really seized the night. Whenever you play turnover football like that, it’s the formula that we try to live by. You get four turnovers and they get none; the game is going to go that way."

NFL waiver system explained -
The NFL waiver period has officially begun. Not sure what exactly the waiver wire is or how it works? We break it down.

Super Bowl victory has Seahawks wondering what's next
Paul Allen didn't quite believe what he was seeing, no matter how many plays the Seattle Seahawks made and how hard general manager John Schneider excitedly pounded on him in the owner's box Sunday night.

Malcolm Smith, Cliff Avril, Seahawks D rout Broncos in Super Bowl XLVIII | The MMQB with Peter King
"Football is a game," Robinson said in the bowels of MetLife Stadium. "A game. Pete has figured that out. He makes football fun. All aspects of it—practices, games. One of our goals is to play at a level other teams can’t match. That’s what you saw tonight. What do you see when you see a team, running around practicing to music all week? They’re loose. They’re full of energy. And that’s what we are. I know it works for us."

2013 Seattle Seahawks – Warren Ryberg
I didn’t grow up in Seattle. Hell, I’ve never even been to the Emerald City (yet). I might not be a member of the local fanbase that has been waiting, heartbreakingly, for a professional sports championship since 1979-1980. Even though I live 1,700km away, I identify with Seattleites due to some of the similarities we share when it comes to local sports teams.

An early look at Seattle’s challenging 2014 off season | Seahawks Draft Blog
The Seahawks are Super Bowl Champions, and now face the first of many challenging off seasons.

2014 NFL Mock Draft: Rise of the quarterbacks -
With the Super Bowl in the rearview mirror, NFL Draft season is officially underway. This week's mock draft features three rounds and several new starting quarterbacks.

Seahawks must make free agent decisions with eye beyond 2014
The Seattle Seahawks' receiving options and defensive line could be headed for significant shakeups after their Super Bowl victory as the team prepares to lock up its young core for the long haul.

Seahawks’ defense was up to Super task, and then some
Led by MVP Malcolm Smith, the Seahawks’ defense turned in one Super effort to pace the Seahawks to their first Super Bowl victory with a 43-8 win over the previously high-scoring Denver Broncos.

Pete Carroll, Seahawks savor Super Bowl victory -
Fully suited and chipper as ever, coach Pete Carroll stood at the podium Monday morning looking surprisingly put together for a guy who just hours earlier had won the Lombardi Trophy that stood on display at a table nearby.

Seahawks notebook: Smith wins Super Bowl MVP -
The speed that Malcolm Smith showed while making the biggest play of Super Bowl XLVIII led one reporter to ask what he ran in the 40-yard dash at the scouting combine.

Russell Wilson makes history with Super Bowl win -
Russell Wilson broke an NFL record and joined some rare company after helping Seattle win the Super Bowl Sunday.

Mebane, Bennett featured on cover of Sports Illustrated | Seahawks Blog | Seattle Times
There’s your cover of Sports Illustrated featuring the Seahawks as Super Bowl champs. Pictured are defensive linemen Brandon Mebane and Michael Bennett on the play where they helped force Peyton Manning to throw an interception to Kam Chancellor that helped spark the early on-slaught.

Meet the NFL's Super Bowl MVP, Malcolm Smith
Seattle Seahawks news, rumors, scores, schedules, predictions, picks against the spread, free agent updates, power rankings, mock drafts and more

Seahawks vs. Broncos: Takeaways from Seattle's 43-8 Super Bowl Win Over Denver
Seattle Seahawks news, rumors, scores, schedules, predictions, picks against the spread, free agent updates, power rankings, mock drafts and more

Doug Baldwin: Cris Carter can Google Super Bowl ring -
Doug Baldwin is now a Super Bowl champion, but the victory wasn't enough. He had some choice words for Hall of Famer Cris Carter, who criticized the Seattle Seahawks' receiving corps.

Broncos' Wes Welker: We didn't prepare well for noise -
Wide receiver Wes Welker said his Denver Broncos teammates weren't ready for the crowd noise at the start of their Super Bowl XLVIII matchup against the Seattle Seahawks.

Richard Sherman: NFC championship was Super Bowl -
Richard Sherman believes the NFC title game between the Seattle Seahawks and the San Francisco 49ers was the real Super Bowl, calling the Niners "the second-best team in football."

Malcolm Smith's pick six typified Seattle Seahawks' D -
Malcolm Smith won the Super Bowl MVP award by being Johnny-on-the-spot. His pick-six play exemplified the Seattle Seahawks' swarming defense in Super Bowl XLVIII.

Russell Wilson: 'Nobody here thinks we're done' -
Russell Wilson played a nearly flawless Super Bowl. And the young Seattle Seahawks quarterback said his team can continue to dominate the NFL for years to come.

Broncos-Seahawks could start 2014 NFL regular season -
The NFL could start next season the same way this one ended -- Broncos versus Seahawks. The San Francisco 49ers and Green Bay Packers also are among the possible foes for Seattle in next season's opener.

Monday Observations: Smith as SB MVP? OK, but Wilson was better -
Malcolm Smith's big plays spearhead the Peyton Manning-rattling Seahawks D. I get him as MVP. But Russell Wilson's playmaking leaves more of an impression.

Monday Musings: Seattle D one of the best ever -
By shutting down Peyton Manning to cap an impressive season, the Seattle Seahawks can now stake a claim as one of the best defenses ever.

Seahawks defense claim Peyton Manning was telegraphing plays -
Richard Sherman and the Seahawks defense claim that they knew what plays Peyton Manning and the Broncos were running based off Manning's hand signals.

Champion Seahawks not built with blueprint(s) en vogue around NFL -
The Seahawks did not hire fritter away a wad of cash on free agency, hire a top assistant as head coach or go after a big-armed QB. Instead, they hired a guy fired twice in the NFL and found 53 guys who bought in.

FOX: Super Bowl XLVIII sets record for largest audience on average | ProFootballTalk
Super Bowl XLVIII was about over when Seahawks wide receiver Percy Harvin got past Broncos kicker Matt Prater in the opening seconds of the second half.

Cliff Avril 'deserves a raise' after whipping Denver Broncos' line in Super Bowl XLVIII | Audibles -
EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- There is an argument to be made that Cliff Avril is one of the most underappreciated players in the NFL.Or, at least, there was until Sunday night's Super Bowl XLVIII, when Avril nearly thrust himself onto the MVP podium with a standout effort against Peyton Manning and the ...

Paul Allen impressed by Pete Carroll’s planning | ProFootballTalk
"He’s the most forward-thinking coach for the players of today that I’ve seen," Allen said, according to a transcript from the league. "It’s just amazing and you have to blend all the different elements. "If you think about it, with the offense, defense, and special teams – all those things, the things he did like he was simulating even what the halftime would be like – there’s just a tremendous amount of preparation, especially before the Super Bowl since you have so much time, and I think they used that time amazingly well."

How the Seahawks Dominated Peyton Manning and the Broncos
The Seattle Seahawks dismantled the Denver Broncos during Super Bowl XLVIII because of their defense's ability to play with speed, challenge routes and win one-on-one matchups.

Boooooooooooooom: The Year of the Seahawks "
Whenever Peyton Manning retires, I’ll remember him for the abject terror he inspired when he played against teams I liked, or teams I’d bet on. Whenever I think back on this Super Bowl, and this Super Bowl Week, I’ll remember feeling none of that.

Seattle’s Best "
Peyton Manning and his Broncos are left to pick up the pieces after being dominated by the Seahawks

Russell Wilson among Seahawks who weren't heavily recruited -
With National Signing Day approaching, here's a look at five Seattle Seahawks starters whose college signings were met with little fanfare.

Pete Carroll used USC background to build Super Bowl roster -
Pete Carroll used his college experience at USC to build the Seattle Seahawks' Super Bowl-winning roster.

NFL Prospect Focus: Morgan Moses and Cyril Richardson | National Football Post
Moses is a fifth-year senior and a four-year starter for Virginia. He started 43 games and has played both right and left tackle. 2013 was the first season he played at left tackle. He also played in the 2014 Senior Bowl where he lined up at left tackle.

2014 NFL Mock Draft: Post-Super Bowl Update
The college football season is over. The all-star circuit is over. And after the Seahawks blowout, the Super Bowl is now over.