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The cHawkboard: Oregon's 'dart' wrinkle to their inside read zone [video]

The Seahawks don't run a ton of 'college' style plays outside of a few basic read option plays and the Percy Harvin jet sweep, but with an upcoming season where Harvin will ostensibly be healthy, it might be worthwhile to learn about some of the wrinkles the college game is doing or has done with the read-option and with sweeps. is dedicated to Oregon football (sorry Husky fans) and they do some really excellent work on X's and O's breakdowns. Like Oregon, Seattle does a lot of their zone-read stuff out of a zone-blocked front, so there are parallels to Oregon's offense and that of Seattle. That said, here's one wrinkle using a pulling guard with the zone read that I could see Seattle take a liking to in 2014.

Charles Fischer explains the 'dart' wrinkle out of the read zone look. Tom Cable and the Seahawks' offense used pulling guards more frequently in 2013 so this is something they could possibly experiment with. Picture J.R. Sweezy's athleticism and speed in pulling as a leadblocker toward the open side of the field.

Either way, it's interesting, well explained and illustrated.