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Terrelle Pryor traded to Seahawks

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Wait, what just happened exactly?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier today, there were reports that the Oakland Raiders were getting ready to release quarterback Terrelle Pryor. Typically this is almost always a precursor to a player being released, but in this case a team actually decided to take advantage of the low-cost of Pryor and jump the gun on any team that might be willing to sign Pryor with a more enticing offer in free agency.

It turns out that the team to do that is the Seattle Seahawks. Yes, the Seahawks just traded for a quarterback (for now?) and thy name is Pryor, according to Pro Football Talk (who heard it from yet another unnamed source.)

These are the things that happen when Danny Kelly is on vacation!!!

Pryor was a supplemental third round pick of the Raiders in 2011 after being suspended at Ohio State for getting free tattoos or something. Frankly that part doesn't matter anymore (I don't know if it ever did) but here are the football facts:

- 6'6, 240 lbs (there are conflicting reports, just like with the measurements of pretty much every athlete.)

- Ran a 4.38 at his Pro Day

- Showed that speed off last year with 576 rushing yards, including a 93-yard run against the Steelers

- Made nine starts at QB and had two games where he rushed for over 100 yards. Had a passer rating of 97.6 over his first four games with 8.13 Y/A.

- Lost his job to Mike Matt McGloin after some injury concerns but also because he had one touchdown and eight interceptions over his next four games.

- In his last game, he was 21-of-38 for 207 yards, two touchdowns, no interceptions, and 49 rushing yards.

Who knows exactly what this means. It seems like Tarvaris Jackson won't lose his backup job to Pryor but if the cost was a seventh round pick or some weird conditional stuff, then why wouldn't you bring in a player like Pryor? He's still young, he's an athletic freak of nature, and who knows, maybe in the right situation (like a chance to win a Super Bowl) he'd be open to a position change.

Terms of the deal are not yet known.

Edit: 2014 7th round pick