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NFL Draft 2014 Results: Seahawks select OT Garrett Scott in the sixth round


Rob Carr

The Seahawks selected Marshall OT Garrett Scott with their first sixth round draft pick, bolstering their offensive line with another athletic and versatile player. Scott, 6'5, 295 pounds, is a player that we'd identified and highlighted here at Field Gulls because of his elite SPARQ score (in fact the most athletic player in our database per the pSPARQ score) and he joins another elite SPARQ athlete in Justin Britt on the Seahawks offensive line.

I would imagine the Seahawks see him as a tackle and guard prospect and we'll see him at a number of positions early on during camp and preseason.



STRENGTHS: Excellent size for the position and displays good overall athleticism, which helps him recover when beat initially. Anchors well in pass protection. Quick, active feet and gets to the second level quickly to engage linebackers. Blocks well on the move. Good experience as a three-year starter.

WEAKNESSES: Lacks great functional strength, as he struggles to drive defensive linemen off the ball. Needs to improve upper-body strength to be real factor in the run game. Gets beat off the snap too often, and can be driven back into the quarterback as a result.

Via Tony Pauline:

Positive: Started two of the past three seasons at both left guard and left tackle. Size prospect who flashed ability on the college field. Quickly sets up in pass protection, stays square, and keeps the defender in front of him. Sets with a wide base, quick out to the second level and explosive at the point of attack. Keeps his feet moving throughout the action and effectively bends his knees.

Negative: Lacks balance and struggles finishing blocks. Plays with a passive attitude. Does not show great awareness. Uses his hands poorly.

Analysis: Scott has the size and skill to be used at guard in a zone-blocking system but must improve and elevate almost every aspect of his game.