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Seahawks assign numbers to draft picks, UDFAs

The Seahawks divvied up numbers to the new draft picks and official undrafted free agent signees, and for those of you that care about that type of thing (and those of you that are prepping for training camp by committing all them to memory), here's a list.

He even makes interception returns just like Browner!
He even makes interception returns just like Browner!

I included players that have been with the team for a while too, but whose numbers are not exactly well known.

QB Keith Price, 1
QB Terrelle Pryor, 2

No major stories here. Price wore #17 at UW, but dropped the 7, maybe so the quarterback group can go 1, 2, 3 with Price, Pryor, Wilson. Actually that is probably not why he did that. I'm not sure why he did. Why don't you go ask him and leave me alone.

FB Kiero Small, 34

I have no comment about Small's number choice. It seems like a fine number.

WR Paul Richardson, 10
WR Chris Matthews, 13
WR Arceto Clark, 14
WR Taylor Price 16
WR Kevin Norwood, 81
WR Phil Bates, 88

Richardson went with #10, which is interesting because that's the number that DeSean Jackson wears. Coincidence? I think not! Chris Matthews is going to wear #13, Arceto Clark, who has been with the team since last year, wears #14, and Taylor Price, who was signed this offseason, will wear #16.

Draftee Kevin Norwood picks up #81, which is Golden Tate's old number (quarterback's best friend!), and Phil Bates changes to 88, which really seems to suit him better than whatever he was before. I think if I was a receiver, I would go for 88. Michael Irvin style. It seems like it's been a long time since anyone in Seattle wore #88. Quick, trivia: Who wore it last? (I don't know the answer, I want you to tell me).

TE Travis Beckum, 47
TE Cooper Helfet, 48
TE Chase Dixon, 87

Beckhum, who was signed this offseason, will wear #47, Cooper Helfet, who has been with the team for a few years, is #48, and newly signed UDFA Chase Dixon goes with #87, famously worn by Ben Obomanu

OG Greg Van Roten, 62
OG Stephen Schilling, 63
OT Irwin Bronson, 65
OT Jared Smith, 66
OT Justin Britt, 68
OT Caylin Hauptmann, 74
OT Garrett Scott, 75
OT Garry Gilliam, 79

I don't have a lot to say about this group other than it makes sense that Justin Britt would inherit Breno Giacomini's former number.

DE Jackson Jeffcoat, 43
DE/DT Kenneth Boatright, 52
NT Dewayne Cherrington, 65
NT Andru Pulu, 66
DT Jimmy Staten, 67
DT Michael Brooks, 70
DE/DT Cassius Marsh, 91
DE O'Brien Schofield, 93
DT D'Anthony Smith, 94
DE Benson Mayowa, 95

I feel bad for Jeffcoat. That was probably the last number they had left. As for Cassius Marsh, he has been bequeathed Chris Clemons' former number. Andru Pulu got #66, and Jimmy Staten #67. No one took #69.

Brock Coyle, 45
Mike Taylor, 46
Kevin Pierre-Louis, 58
Korey Toomer, 59

Standard numbers here. Nothing to really see.

Phillip Adams, 28
Jimmy Legree, 30
AJ Jefferson, 32
Dion Bailey, 37
Eric Pinkins, 39
Terrance Parks, 42

Pinkins gets Browner's former number! Pinkins gets Browner's former number! Pinkins gets Browner's former number! 

That's it. 

Oh, and for reference, #12, #71, #80, and #96 are retired. No one has worn #8 since Matt Hasselbeck left.