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NFL Draft 2014: Justin Britt vs. Jadeveon Clowney

"I got excited watching him play Clowney." - Tom Cable

"I got excited watching him play Clowney," said Tom Cable when asked about what stood out about Seahawks offensive tackle Justin Britt. "I thought there's a guy that -- it wasn't too big, he didn't worry about it, he was very physical with him."

The Seahawks were originally erroneously reported to have drafted Tiny Richardson (it was actually Paul), and Tiny, ironically enough, has been widely panned and criticized for his very poor performance against Jadeveon Clowney in 2013. Instead, Seattle went with a guy that most had as a mid-round pick, at least partially because of how he performed against the best defensive end in college football, who some say is a generational talent at the position.

Here's DraftBreakdown's cutup of the game. You get to the second play and you already see Britt bury a guy in run blocking at the second level. Watch for yourself.