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Field Gulls hangout for June 16, 2014 with Danny Kelly and Jacson Bevens


Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

I'm not sure how many Field Gulls Hangouts we've had so far, probably over 20-25 by now, but thus far we had been unsuccessful in wrangling ol' Danny Kelly aka Managing Editor of Field Gulls aka Kelly's Heroes aka Kelly KAPOW-ski aka Dan da Man aka Danny Bonaduce aka Donkey Kong aka our guest today!

Find out where Danny got his start, how he came about his position at Field Gulls and SB Nation, and why he's such a homer for a team that only won the Super Bowl last season. Plus we'll talk about Kevin Williams, Marshawn Lynch, and quarterback stats.

As always, @JacsonBevens is here with us too, so you know it's gonna be a great show. Throw in any questions you have here in the comment thread, but we also appreciate questions that are asked in the Google Hangouts Q&A app. If you don't know how to do that... don't ask me. Google Plus is still confusing as hell.