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CenturyLink Ballpark Art Print giveaway for Father's Day

Free stuff!

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Father's Day is coming up, so now's the time to start thinking of a cool gift for your old man. You may have seen me touting these blueprint art prints from Ballpark Blueprints here at Field Gulls before, but in case you didn't, I wanted to share them again. Why? Well, first, because I think they're cool, and second, because they've offered to give one away to one lucky Field Guller of our choosing.

Here's the idea I had for a fun competition: in the comments below, post a picture of you with your father together, and include the story behind the day or moment. It can be at a Seahawks game (bonus points, I guess), or not; it can be funny (I like funny stuff), it can be tear-jerking (it gets dusty in here at times), it can boring... well, boring probably won't win, but regardless, we'll let the community do the voting and probably share some fun stuff about our lives in the meantime. Based on the comments/photos that get the most recs, the staff here at Field Gulls will consult and choose a winner of one free print (retail value = $60).

We'll choose a winner on Friday.

From, here's their rendition of The CLink: