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Richard Sherman's savvy self-promotion is paying off, a lot

Dollar, dollar, bills, y'all.

Jeff Zelevansky

Richard Sherman has become a polarizing figure in sports, beloved by his fans, hated by many, and while you might disagree on his methods, there's really no disputing his success. Not only has he worked his way up to become one of the best (some would say "the best", including Sherman himself) cornerbacks in the NFL, he's methodically and purposefully created a brand name that is now known worldwide. And he's raking in the endorsements because of it.

Sherman joins Andrew Luck, Rob Gronkowski, Mike Trout, Buster Posey, Kevin Love, James Harden, and more as stakeholders and endorsers of the electrolyte and vitamin-enhanced sports drink BODYARMOR. With this, he's aligned with his childhood idol, Kobe Bryant (who is the #3 investor in the brand) and will appear in an in-store advertising campaign in retail locations in Seattle and Portland, as well as a social and digital program launching later this summer.

Said Sherman, in a statement: "I am very selective about the companies I partner with and I wanted to align with a brand that's as innovative and competitive in its field as I am in mine. My job is all about performing on the field and BODYARMOR helps me do that."

Of course, this is just one in a growing list of major endorsement deals that Sherman has signed. His first major campaign was with Beats by Dre.

He's now one of the spokesmen for Campbell's Chunky Soup....

And Oberto Beef Jerky.

He even appeared with the first lady in a campaign for healthy eating.

Right now, it's good to be Richard Sherman.