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A shout-out for Arif Hasan's training camp coverage

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

You probably know Arif Hasan by now from his excellent breakdowns here on Kevin WilliamsPercy Harvin, and Antoine Winfield. He's officially Field Gulls' resident Vikings expert and the way the Seahawks continue to do deals with Minnesota and also sign their former players, this is no small luxury.

Arif's an independent freelancer that writes for SBNation's Daily Norseman, is an Editor at Vikings Territory and Cover 32, and contributes to Optimum Scouting in addition to, of course, his role as Vikings regional scout for us here Field Gulls. In other words, dude's a worker.

So, because I know how passionate one has to be to strike out as a freelance sportswriter, I wanted to voice my support for him and point you in the direction of his GoFundMe campaign to fund his annual trip to Vikings Training Camp. People that donate can be eligible for a number of cool rewards -- so just head over to see for yourself. In addition to funding the trip, Arif is giving a portion to charity as well.

As Arif posts:

Once again, the Daily Norseman will be headed to training camp to provide the best coverage of any team by any organization. With that, Vikings Territory has been granted full media access to camp, where they'll sustain and complement that coverage better than most paid journalists have the ability to.

Unfortunately, Arif will need your help again in getting there. After transitioning to a full-time blogger, he doesn't have the funds to pay for even half his trip, like last he did last year.

In order to provide the kind of comprehensive coverage that Vikings fans are used to with daily 5,000-word reports, interviews and up-to-the-minute updates, Arif needs your help getting to Mankato and staying there for the duration of camp.

Anyone who donates at least $25.00 will be eligible to receive a Training Camp Guide written by Arif a week before training camp starts, with extensive scouting reports on all 90 players in camp, "what to watch for" guides and a predicted (and assuredly wrong) 53-man roster.

Before hitting $3200, a portion of the money (8%) will cover a charity of Adam Warwas' (of Vikings Territory) choice in order to help fundraise for a cause very dear to his heart. An identical portion (8%) will help buffer the costs of other attendees from the Daily Norseman.

After hitting $3200, those donations will reach 16% apiece. As an example, if we hit the $3200 goal, $256 of that will be donated to the charity of Adam's choice and $256 of that will help cover some of the costs of the other media members of the Daily Norseman. If we hit $3600, $320 will go to the charity and the same will go to the other Daily Norseman members.

The money will primarily cover lodging, although additional funding beyond lodging (projected to be about $2600, all told) will cover transportation, food, coffee and equipment (laptop repairs and an extended phone battery).

Anybody who wants to split any money donated a different way has the ability to "earmark" how they want it spent by ticking the "keep my donation private" box and leaving a comment.

Arif will be posting content both at the Daily Norseman and Vikings Territory, so be sure to check it out!