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Build the Tip

The Star-Ledger-USA TODAY Sports

Who: 12s around the world.

What: As the the BuildTheTip official website explains,

The vision for Build The Tip came from two die-hard Seahawks fans who believe Richard Sherman's tipped pass to Malcolm Smith to win the NFC Championship was a moment so pivotal, awe-inspiring, and emblematic of everything great about the 2013 Seattle Seahawks team, that it should be immortalized for future generations of Seahawks fans to enjoy. The play will be captured in a magnificent bronze sculpture designed and built by local artist Kevin Pettelle.

Where: Again, from the website -

Build The Tip is in discussions with the Seattle Seahawks organization, Seattle city officials, and various local property owners to choose a location for the sculpture next to CenturyLink Field which will allows fans to enjoy and interact with The Tip on their way into home games.

When: You can start donating today at 12:12 pm. The first 12 fans to donate will get their name on a plaque at the base of the statue, and everyone that donates at least $12 will get a prize. 12 random fans will also be chosen to get their names on the plaque.

Why: Here's why I personally think it's a cool project.

The 2013 NFL season was magic; it was special. There will never be another season like that for Seahawk fans again. Seattle may go on to form a dynasty and win more Super Bowls down the line and that will be awesome but there will never be another year like this one.

The cast of characters could come straight from a Guy Richie movie: Marshawn Lynch, being, against all logic, a real person living his real life. Russell Wilson, overcoming the height factor to become an upper-tier quarterback and only the second black quarterback to win a Super Bowl. Golden Tate continuing on his Piss Off America Tour. Angry Doug Baldwin, being all angry all the time, but also kind of a sweetheart. The Legion of Boom. Earl Thomas, being all pissed off for greatness. Richard Sherman's ascending to super-stardom. Percy Harvin coming in and making a big impact on like 15 of his mere 19 snaps. Big Red, aka the Koopa Troopa, rotund and angry and awesome. Chris Clemons, that salty son of a bitch. Michael Bennett's NC-17 sack dances. Brandon "Banger" Mebane's belly roll. Walter Thurmond's wardrobe. Cliff Avril. Bobby Wagner, Bruce Irvin, Malcolm Smith, and K.J. Wright. Mike Rob's last hurrah. Pete frickin big balls Carroll. Pete "I don't give two shits about what you think" Carroll.

The lightning-delayed victory over San Francisco in Primetime. The Texans pick-six. The comeback win vs. the Bucs. The statement win against the Saints on Monday Night Football. I distinctly remember looking at my phone during that dominating win over a team many thought was a favorite to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl, and seeing this tweet:

Goddamn right.

The Playoff victory vs. the Saints in a wind-blown CenturyLink to get to the NFC Championship was the start. The touchdown pass to Jermaine Kearse in the big game to take the lead, then The Tip that sealed it. The Super Bowl massacre. The 2013 Seahawks team united the city and fostered this insane atmosphere of civic pride that I've never experienced. The whole region responded. The fan send-offs. Blue Fridays. The Arizona 'home game'. The million-man Super Bowl parade. It wasn't normal. It wasn't normal at all.

This, to me, is not about the one play. It's not about Richard Sherman and it's not about beating the Niners. It's just the iconic image that captures the entire season in one defining moment. It's a fan-funded, badass piece of art (commissioned for the super-talented local 12 that built this) that represents and commemorates the 2013 Seahawks Super Bowl season. It'd be a page out of Pete Carroll's book: Buck convention, buck tradition. Do things better than they've ever been done before. That's why I think this is a cool project.