The Unofficial FG Ticket Extortion/Exchange FanPost Series

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Did I mention this ticket exchange is unofficial? It is not sanctioned by anyone, including SBN, Danny "Bossfingers" Kelly, Vox Media, the Holy See, ticketmaster, or the Seattle Seahawks Football Club?

What it IS, hopefully, is a place for Field Gullers to advertise their unusable tickets, or to offer an exorbitant amount of money for prime tickets, or to generously unload tickets at a reasonable price, among people who live and breathe Seahawk football. While avoiding fees. And making someone's day.

How does it work? You comment in this space. It's so easy.

You put the game date and number of tickets in the subject line, like so:

"Offering 2 tickets to 9/4 vs. Packers"

You put details in the body:

"Club level seats, 40-yard line, row J. Can't attend, abrupt business trip to Gaza. $3.5 million for the pair. Body limbs and firstborns accepted. Leave a post on my mySpace page (hello_kitty_69) if remotely interested."

You wait for people to reply. It's possible you might wait a long time. Be patient! There are a lot of fish in the SEA!

Or, conversely, you do the same if you're seeking companionship and long walks on the beach tickets, like so:

"Looking to buy 4 tickets to 12/14 vs. Niners"

You put details in the body:

"Any tickets are fine. Even singles or a pair, I just want to be in the stadium and take some friends if possible. It's my 39th birthday that day and seeing my Hawks destroy the Niners would be the best birthday present of my sad, awesome life. I will pay you in U.S. dollars and also Krugerrands. Message me privately at"

But Beware

I'll put up a new fanpost for every game, including away games. Then I'll take the post down on gameday, near or after kickoff. Don't post tickets for a game three weeks or three months in the future and then forget about that post! Unless the exchange works, then in that case, forget about it but also let the community know that it worked, which would be cool.

Finally, a tiny little warning: don't pollute this space with fake posts, practical jokes, unrealistic demands, or you risk the righteous wrath of... someone unofficial with a meager spattering of unofficial power.