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Legion Of Boom: Greatest hits 2013 [video]

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Via Russ James, this is awesome. It's been floating around for a while but I've been remiss in posting it to the front page. Considering it's Kenneth Arthur's Legion of Boom Week here, I thought now would be a good time to post.

From Kenny:

-- Kam Chancellor: Ready to take off to the next level
-- Byron Maxwell: Achievement unlocked

This is a great highlight flim that illustrates Pete Carroll's tackling fundamentals, which has been a very interesting subject of late.

The video is broken down into four sections...

0:41 - 1st section is decleaters and shoulder checks.
5:55 - 2nd section is profile tackles, hawk tackles, and spears.
9:42 - 3rd section is wrap-ups and hawk rolls.
11:25 - 4th section is body slams and some roughhousing.