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Cassius Marsh injures his knee, will get an MRI; severity of injury unknown

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Otto Greule Jr

Seahawks defensive end/defensive tackle Cassius Marsh injured his knee in a collision at practice today, and headed into the locker room immediately. He came back out to practice in street clothes. He'll have an MRI on his knee to determine the severity, but obviously, if an MRI is involved, there is a pretty major concern.

Greg Bell of the TNT related what he saw:

" didn't look good.

Marsh got tangled with Lemuel Jeanpierre, who was playing guard today, and defensive lineman D'Anthony Smith at the end of the final play of a running-game portion of the helmets-and-no-shoulder-pads practice. All three went down in a heap, with Marsh staying down. After a minute of sitting up he went onto his back with his gloved hands over the top of his helmet in apparent frustration.

Marsh then got up and walked off the field under his own power into the locker room. He did not return to the field for any of the final hour or so of practice."

With Jesse Williams already on the IR with a knee injury, this would be another blow to the potential Seahawks' defensive line rotation.

Marsh has played well thus far in camp and had a very nice first preseason game, grabbing a sack and just missing out on two more. As I wrote last week in my Preseason Week 1 recap, he looked faster and stronger than I had thought he would be, and while I did see him get washed out on at least one run play, he made up for it with some Michael Bennett-esque interior pass rush moves.

The first was a classic swim move:


And the second was more of the Michael Bennett club move variety. Marsh doesn't finish but I still really like the win at the line of scrimmage.


Marsh had been training MMA this offseason and you can see it in his hand use.

We'll wait to see what happens with the MRI. Hopefully it's nothing major.